2014-03-19S5 encounters'The Prince of Roman'and wanders in Vatican
Italy, a charming country is full of romantic and enthusiastic encounters. On March 13, JAC 'Go Brazil Goal' S5 motorcade came to the club of Roman again and encountered a charm price of this country.
With the CCTV's interview, we meet a price of Roman- Francesco Totti who is considered to be one of the finest players of his generation and also as Roman's greatest player ever. The whole member of motorcade cheered together. And an Africa new football star Gervinho.
Talking about Totti, everybody would scream for him even those girls who aren't so fascinated by the football. He is the legend of Italy football world and ‘the price of Roman' forever. Totti is not only very charming in the football field but also very graceful in the interview. He gave his signature on the football and also glad to sign his name on the label of ‘Go Brazil Goal' S5 motorcade.
The other super star accepting interview is Gervinho who comes from Ivory Coast. Talking about Ivory Coast, the most famous football star is Didier Drogba. But the new generation football player has emerged as main force in the Europe. He has a widely hobbies like playing hip-hop, dancing and designing hairstyle.
Leaving the club of Roman, S5 motorcade arrived in another Holy Land- Vatican. It's the world center of Catholicism where is full of the atmosphere of religious culture. If we say S5 is the outcome of China's modern industrial civilization, and Vatican is the medieval culture heritage. Standing below the St.Paul's Cathedral, we feel very proud that we are driving S5 from China to here. To be the transmitter of Chinese new culture, we are not only diffusing the European culture and football charm to Chinese football fans but also showing the improvement and development of China.
Farewell Vatican, farewell Roman, JAC S5 motorcade is moving forward and more exciting is coming.
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