2014-03-17JAC'Go Brazil Goal'S5 Motorcade travels across The World Cup finalists 32 countries -Travelling around Apennines and Meeting with CCTV in Rome
Started from Ukraine, across Poland, Czech and Austria, over Alps, overnight in Venice and through the Mediterranean Adriatic coast, S5 motorcade finally arrived in Rome, Italy capital and got together with CCTV shooting crew at Italy time 4 o'clock PM, March 6th, as well as Beijing time 11o'clock, March 6th . During the whole journey of Italy- France -Switzerland, S5 has worked for 6 days with nearly 3000 kilometers.
If it is called the collision of fashion and classic when S5 travels down the European architectures, there is harmony between people and culture when S5 run along the Italy coast.
After S5 motorcade met with CCTV, they would together visit Società Sportiva Lazio and A.S Rome to interview with Italy football stars, and to discover how Italy football recovery steps forward from their speech and action.
Now S5 motorcade is ready, and tomorrow the shooting will start to transfer the most prompt and hot blue team information for Chinese and the world Italy football team fans.
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