2014-03-14JAC S5 motorcade Won the Champion in 2014 Mohe・China International Snow-Ice Autocross
Through the rigorous test of "China Grand Rally (CGR)", apparently JAC full of confidence for S5 challenging the professional rallies. Facing the 2014 Mohe・China International Snow-Ice Autocross, JAC established the S5 motorcade associating with Fujian Orient Motor Sports Club to conquer Mohe. JAC S5 would compete with other drivers under snow and ice conditions, and show their superior performance!
The Snow-Ice Auto cross was held in Mohe, Heilongjiang province, along the Chinese side of the Sino-Russian border, in the form of river ice road motocross, and the total match course was 600km, including 400km special race. The average temperature is below zero degree in eight months per year and the frozen period is about 230 days, and the snow covered period reaches about 240 days. The unique natural condition and the badly track equipments will challenge all the racing cars 'performance and racers' technology and persistence.
t is reported that JAC motorcade sent four units S5 to attend T1.1 (professional modified cars group) and T2.1 (production car group) matches respectively. In terms of dynamic, S5 is equipped with "Platinum Powertrain" self-developed by JAC, the engine has outstanding performance, and 6MT and 6DCT gearbox has a stunning 96% transmission efficiency, easily dealing with all kinds of complicated road conditions. In terms of car body and chassis, extensively using of high-strength steel to ensure S5 stable body structure. The McPherson front suspension with the multi-link rear suspension makes S5 driving tough and no loose feeling. Meanwhile, S5 ownes a number of electronic control systems of vehicle stability (such as ABS, EBD, ESC, TCS, etc.) to guarantee S5's excellent performance on the ice and snow surface road.
Though 3 days' fierce competition and 5 matches with 50racing cars, JAC S5 won the champion of (T2) and second stage of (T1), and the third prize of personal (T2 )by virtue of S5 and racers' outstanding performance.
Participating in The Mohe International Autocross, JAC not only show S5's super performance but also its enthusiasm to sports. From CGR to be the sponsor of CCTV the World Cup exploring journey, JAC has already well-prepared to attend more international level rally racing. JAC will challenge more and take you to experience more splendid sport events.
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