2014-01-21JAC S5 Guarantees Global Tour---- CCTV
Four years expectation, global fans will welcome a football grand banquet again, and this time, Brazilian World Cup will embrace a fresh Chinese element. On Jan. 10th, 2014, JAC handedwithCCTV5(China Central Television Sports Channel) to hold World Cup "GO Brazil GOAL" Departure Ceremony in JAC third passenger vehicle plant in Hefei, China, opening the prelude that S5 serves Brazilian World Cup. Spanning the large space and lasting long time, the program is a rare master work for CCTV in recent years, and offers a rich football feast for fans. By then, JAC S5 will serve as the designated car for the program to span three continents, travel 50,000 kilometers, and visit the top 32 countries in Brazilian World Cup, guaranteeing a successful global tour. This is not only the most direct way to let consumers feel the high quality characteristics of JAC cars, but also a great opportunity to show Chinese brand charm to the world.
As the opening drama in the football year of 2014, "GO Brazil GOAL" Departure Ceremony attracted the attention from the social circles thus JAC, CCTV sports, many media representatives and dealers from domestic and abroad witnessed this historic moment together. According to the plan, this program will span three continents of Europe, North America, and South America across Frank furt, Munich, Rome and other world-class cities, to share with fans advanced football culture and human feelings around.
"The 50,000kmglobal tour, longer than the earth's circumference, not only reflects that JAC is full of confidence for S5"s quality, but also demonstrates the supporting ability of JAC international network system. JAC fully believes that it can provide the most effective guarantee for CCTV in the world", the person in charging of JAC said. As the first model of JAC second generation passenger vehiclesS5 not only has the comfort and numerous intelligent configurations of cars but also possess the high passingability and high security of SUV. Besides, in the fourth C-NCAP crash test, S5 achieves five-star crash safety ratings.
By now, JAC has established a marketing network system covering more than 120 countries and regions, built more than 500 sales and service branches. Especially in the World Cup site Brazil, JAC has created a remarkable achievements of“first position in FOB average price, market growth, and market charming index in the similar products in Chinese export”,meanwhile, has won the praise from many well-known international medias such as "The Washington Post", “Can Kao Xiao Xi”(an newspaper ranking No.1 in China and No.5 in the world) and“QUATRO RODAS". By the end of 2013,JAC has exported a total of 63,000 units in Brazil, ranking No.1 in Chinese auto brands export. Brazilian World Cup provides JAC a stage to show the international image of Chinese independent brands to the world.
2014 is the 50 anniversary of JAC establishment, and this departure ceremony also seems to indicate that JAC will start a new round of development. "Through the world's sporting event of Brazilian World Cup, JAC hopes that by cooperating with CCTV, it can show the technological achievements of Chinese automobile industry, deliver China's auto industry civilization, and deduce the innovation, development, and Chinese spirit of self-improvement, so that the world can perceive the charm of China and Chinese brands through JAC". The person in charge of JAC said. JAC will not only cooperate with CCTV to offer a wonderful World Cup feast for the majority of Chinese football fans, but also open the future of Chinese independent auto brands with more confidence!
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