2014-01-17JAC S5 Achieves C-NCAP Five-Star Crash Safety Ratings
On Jan. 3rd, 2014, China Automotive Technology & Research Center released 2013 annual C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) crash evaluation results in Tianjin. Through all kinds of rigorous tests and evaluations, JAC S5 achieved C-NCAP Five-Star crash safety ratings, which is another award from Chinese official agency after j5, the first five-star safety ratings model of JAC. S5 delivered a satisfactory report to the consumers in auto safety field, which marks that S5 safety performance has fully passed the safety evaluation and won the recognition from national authorities of China, reaching the world-class crash safety standard in the world mainstream. The results published 13 auto models, including some world famous brands such as Peugeot 3008, Volvo V40, Mercedes-Benz A-class, and Toyota RAV4.
100% Frontal Impact against Rigid Barrier at 50km/h
"The 50,000kmglobal tour, longer than the earth's circumference, not only reflects that JAC is full of confidence for S5's quality, but also demonstrates the supporting ability of JAC international network system. JAC fully believes that it can provide the most effective guarantee for CCTV in the world", the person in charging of JAC said. As the first model of JAC second generation passenger vehiclesS5 not only has the comfort and numerous intelligent configurations of cars but also possess the high passingability and high security of SUV. Besides, in the fourth C-NCAP crash test, S5 achieves five-star crash safety ratings.
40% Overlap Impact against Deformable Barrier in the front at 64km/h
The impact test adopted a new standard of 2012 version C-NCAP, which increased the speed form 56km/h to the international standard of 64km/h. After frontal collision of 40% area at 64km/h,the body structure of S5 kept complete. The dummy's knees on driver seat collided with the steering column, with the driver protected effectively by the collapsible steering column After the test, it could be found that the space between the legs of passenger and interior was abundant, which proved the frontal collapsible area of S5 can absorb impact energy effectively, keeping the body structure complete.
Side Impact against Mobile Deformable Barrier at 50km/h
Side impact and whiplash test are considered the most difficult tests in C-NCAP. During the side impact, the side structure of S5 kept intact; the structure of B pillar and sill beam was almost without deformation. The depressed deformation of the doors were also small; the front and rear doors could be opened normally; air curtains and lateral airbags were normally open to protect dummy's head and chest well.
Whiplash Test
Whiplash test is also called low-speed back-impact neck protection test. Imitating the original vehicle structure, the driver seat and restraint system are fixed on a mobile pulley, which will be launched in waveform at a specific acceleration of 16km/h to simulate back-impact process. Then the protective effect of headrest on the crew neck can be evaluated by the measurement of the neck injuries of the seated dummy.
According to the whiplash test of S5, the head rest could reduce the neck injury to the driver and passengers caused by both the crash acceleration and head inertia force effectively during rear-end accident. Meanwhile, S5 spacious interior space provided ample buffer distance for the dummy's legs, and the damage to the dummy's chest on driver seat was very small under the protection of airbags and seat belts, fully illustrating that S5 seats belts’ stability and security settings meet the actual security needs.
The excellent performance of S5 in C-NCAP derived from its comprehensive security design in strict accordance with European five-star security standard. Equipped with 6 airbags and as high as 81%of high-strength steel, premium high-strength steel and super high-strength steel, S5 is able to protect the safety of occupants by the greatest extent. Meanwhile, a large number of intelligent security equipment should also not be underestimated, including ESC (Electronic Stability Control), HAS (Hill-Start Assist System), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), HDC (Hill Descent Control)etc., which can also be found seldom in SUV of the same class. In addition, with such active and passive safety measures as all seats 3-point seat belts, child safety seat fixtures, active head restraints etc., S5 provides a comprehensive extreme care for the safety of every consumer.
C-NCAP Introduction
The full name of C-NCAP is China New Car Assessment Program, originated from European New Car Assessment Program (E-NCAP), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTAS) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). With a wide range of domestic and international technical exchanges and practical tests, C-NCAP is a testing standard and evaluating rule based on the international NCAP in-depth research and analysis by China Automotive Technology & Research Center, combining automotive regulations, the actual situation of traffic and vehicle characteristics in China.
C-NCAP crash standards are basically referred to E-NCAP and constantly updated according to it, but higher than the existing mandatory crash standards in most of the countries around the globe including Europe and China. According to testing procedure, all tested vehicles shall be purchased directly from the market by the institution, with multiple tests and evaluations including emission, fuel consumption, 3 items of crash and whiplash. Testing results will be classified and released by star grades. The above procedure ensures to provide systematic and objective information to consumers at the same time of promoting auto makers to develop and produce vehicles in a higher safety standard, reducing injuries and loss in traffic accidents effectively.
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