2014-01-07JAC S5 Passed C-NCAP Five Star Evaluation Successfully
In the morning of 3rd January 2014, Tianjin Chinese Testing Center published the test results of 2013 C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) , JAC S5 passed the C-NCAP five star evaluation successfully.
C-NCAP (including front, offset, side three crash tests and whip test) is organized by authorized institutions and industry organizations that carry out the more stringent crashing test to new cars.
Though evaluation the passengers' degrees of hurting under a more serious crashing environment, it classified the testing car's safety level according to hurting degrees of head, chest, legs and other main body parts. There is a completed test and evaluative method to rate the stars and to provide the accurate information of safety performance.
The five star of C-NCAP reflects JAC putting the customers in the first place and respecting their life. JAC has always pursued the excellent quality and adhered to the principle of protection passengers' life under any extreme environment.
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