2014-01-02JAC N-Series Launching in Jeddah KSA Auto Show
On the evening of 24th Dec, 2013, the Jeddah International Auto show was held in Jeddah Conference Center in KSA, lasting for 5 days. As the most significant and influential auto show in KSA, it has attracted the attentions to most international famous brands, such as Porsche, Ford, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevrolet. Meanwhile, JAC Motors was also invited to attend the auto show. During the auto show, JAC N-Series, Dumper, Light truck with DF Cummins, Sunray, J3, J5, Refine have been present.
Mr. David Zhang and his team were invited to witness the launching of JAC N-Series in KSA. As the latest high-end light truck, the launching in KSA marked the JAC N-Series as one of the famous International brands in light trucks. N-Series will compete with the top brands like Isuzu and Mitsubishi from now on.
Jeddah Auto will be one good way to promote JAC Motors to the local people, even to the whole GCC countries. We are convinced that more and more people will pay attention to JAC Motors. With the launching of N-Series in KSA, JAC Motors will achieve high reputation and fame in KSA
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