2013-12-29JAC J4 Honored as Annual Medium Vehicle of 2013 Chinese Annual Automobile General Comment Roll
Recently, 2013 Chinese Annual Automobile General Comment Roll was grandly held in Hangzhou, and 21 main automobiles got26prizes which were honored as Chinese Automobile OscarPrizes, among which, JAC J4 was luckily honored as Annual Medium Vehicle, becoming the only independent brand vehicle that washonored as Annual Vehicle.
As the second generation passenger vehicle product elaborately created by JAC, with its delicate exterior design, spacious room, considerate security guarantee, powerful performance and economic using costs, J4 won the favorable comments of the authoritative media and industry institution as soon as it was released to the market.
Chinese Annual Automobile General Comment Roll has become the most authoritative and influential automobile value evaluation system in China, and won the high attention from Chinese automobile enterprises with its justice, authority and credibility. 2013Chinese Annual Automobile General Comment Roll was started by 23 main media from Chinese main media automobile union. With the principle of fair, justice and open, candidates for 26 honors were selected by Chinese main media automobile union, and the final recipients of prizes were voted by consumers.
Chinese main media automobile union was founded in 2004, after ten years’ development, the members have been enlarged to the current 23 from the prime 13 with daily press circulation of nearly 10 billion, and its readers have covered more than 90% automobile markets. The union has important influence on Chinese automobile industry development.
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