2013-12-28JAC Light Trucks Run in Annaba(Algeria) for 160,000 Kilometers without Overhaul
From December 12th to 23nd, JAC Algeria annual service month campaign kicked off in its first station-Annaba
JAC Algeria service month has been held for 13 years, during the campaign, JAC will repair vehicles for the end users, communicate with them about the quality improvement, transfer the maintenance idea to end users and make improvement on the vehicles to better adapt the local market. This campaign has won the favorable comments from the end users, and helped JAC products quality improved.
It is learnt that JAC trucks lead the sales of trucks in Annaba with vehicles population of 5000 units.On 23rdwhich was also the third day of the service month in Annaba, the number of participated customers surpassed 1000, creating a new record. When communicating with the customers, we knew that end users had full confidence in JAC products; they thought that JAC products had strong power which could guarantee local customers’appeals, besides,JAC excellent quality and precision price position had met customers’ demands on high price-performance ration products and JAC personal service had enhanced the sense of security.
During the campaign, an end user introduced one of his purchased JAC vehicles which had run for 160000 kilometers without overhaul except for a change of the disc brake shoe.

During the communication, we have learnt that most of customers’ vehicles were used in the logistic and private transportation, which emphasized a lot on vehicles’ quality. End users were satisfied with that JAC gave high priority to quality, and they could not help praising ‘JAC, Bonnequalite’

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