2013-12-27 JAC Vehicles for Nigeria Test Drives Concludes witha Complete Success
On 10th December, closing ceremony of JAC vehicles' test drives was grandly held in Sheraton Hotel Club, Lagos, Consulate-General of China in Lagos Nigeria Mr.Guo and Mr.Xie, representatives of Lagos Transport and Communication Committee, and Consumers' Association were invited to attend the ceremony. Besides, a lot of potential customers attended the ceremony, and journalists from Channels TV and main press media came to report.
Activity on-site, Elizade technical teams published the technical evaluation report of the tested vehicles, meanwhile, Media Specialist Company put out the independent research report, and Elizade service chief published JAC sales service network plan. Moreover, fleet customers who participated in the test drives delivered their evaluation on the test drives, with a burst of applause, public showed their high recognition to JAC products and service. On site, one J3 sedan used by Sheraton Hotel for 3 years was surprisingly found, and except for small problems such as air-conditioning compressor, no other problems appeared, which further proved JAC products ‘reliable quality and environment compatibility.
JAC reached agreement with Elizade Nigeria Limited which was the largest automobile distributor in Nigeria in April, 2012, and authorized it as JAC light-duty truck and passenger vehicles sole distributor in July, 2013.In April 4th, 2013, the opening ceremony of the test drive was held in Lagos, 10 vehicles of J3, J5, and 8 light trucks were provided to more than ten fleet customers for free test drive, including Nestle Nigeria Plc, Lagos State Taxi Drivers Union and so on. The unusual test-run lasted from April and ended at the end of October with the longest run of 44000 kilometers. The main purpose of the test drive is to assess the durability and compatibility of JAC cars and light trucks on Nigerian roads, as well as to prove JAC products 'quality and service guarantee capability.
The test drive caused a sensation in Nigeria, and Media Specialist had made two independent researches on the testing users when the test drive was held for 60 days and 120 days. Main media such as Punch, Guardian, Business Day made a follow-up report on the test drive. At the beginning of the test drive, some media doubted about Chinese automobile brands' quality, they criticized that Chinese automobiles were with little reliability, high maintenance costs, bad spare parts service and no secondary residual value, and they even doubted about whether JAC could win over Nigeria. However, as the test went on, JAC 18 units of vehicles have proved JAC brands’ power with outstanding performance and customers’ satisfactory, and even some testing users ordered the tested vehicles, and planned to make mass purchase.
These years, to ensure that every product can best suit the local market environment and users' habits, JAC International gave high attention to the test work of every sample vehicles before they entered a new market, which has won the favorable comments of global distributors and users. Nigeria market using environment is known for its adverse road condition and bad petrol quality, after these years’ market research and products improvement, JAC have chosen the excellent distributor and created a new"JAC STORY", preliminarily winning the favors from the market and media. It is learnt that JAC products will be launched into the market in Lagos from March, 2014.
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