2013-11-29JAC Stages Its Appearance with Main Passenger Vehicles in 2013 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition
On Nov.21st, 2013 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition kicked off. JAC attended the exhibition with its main passenger vehicles, including the most attended new vehicles of A20, S30, M6, as well as new electric vehicles "IEV" and J5 annual model.

On JAC press conference, the delivery ceremony of the fourth generation of IEV pure electric vehicles was held. Besides, JAC has announced that it would become the official partner of the programs "Who is the Football king" and "Go, Brazil Goal!"which will be broadcasted during Brazil World Cup in CCTV Sports

Main supervisors of JAC, journalists from more than 160 media and more than 1000 audiences witnessed unveil of the four new products of A20, S30, M6 and S5
JAC Second Passenger Vehicles and MPV Line-ups Show Of
During the exhibition, JAC staged its splendid appearance with 23 products, covering complete series of MPV, SUV, passenger vehicles, strategic new products, new energy, engines and transmission system core technology products, fully displaying JAC independent research strength and technology achievements, and meeting the demands of consumers 'car purchasing needs. The most attracted products in JAC booth were A30 and S5.Lead by these two products, other new products A20 and S30 were also unveiled.

Meanwhile, as the edge products of JAC, MPV series also displayed its strong line-up-the flagship MPV M5 and M6 which aimed at medium and high end commercial vehicles market.
Overcome Power Core Technology Bottleneck, Lead New Energy Technology Commercialization
Passenger vehicles' chassis equipped with JAC white gold transmission system and anatomies of electric vehicles equipped with diamond transmission system were also exhibited. It is learned that, these years, JAC has made periodical key achievements in the research of core transmission system. White gold transmission system combined by 1.5TGDI+6DCT was matched with JAC second generation passenger vehicles, realizing both dynamic and economy; Diamond Transmission system based on the future new energy includes internal combustion, electric motor, electric motor controller and battery.
During the press conference, JAC held the delivery ceremony of 1000 fourth generation IEV electric vehicles, which helped JAC IEV pure electric vehicles make a breakthrough of accumulative sales of 5000 units, further stabilizing its leadership of Chinese No.1 new energy vehicles sales.
Hand with CCTV, JAC Creates Brazil World Cup as Main Court
On the site of the exhibition, JAC General Manager Mr. Xiang Xingchu and General Manager of CCTV Sports Mr. ZhengMenghui touched the button together, announcing that JAC would become the official partner of the programs "Who is the Football king" and "Go, Brazil Goal!" which will be broadcasted during Brazil World Cup in CCTV Sports. As the partner of the programs, JAC will provide 50 working vehicles and guaranteeing teams lead by S5 to support CCTV to drive across World Cup Top 20 countries in Asian continents, European continents and American continents and finally arrive in Brazil with total route of 50,000 kilometers.

"The program shooting will last for 6 months and will span across three continents with 50,000 kilometers. During the shooting, the security of the workers and the transfer of the equipment need actual guarantee, which means great challenges to the vehicles' performance, quality and guarantee ability. We are excited to find that JAC has the strength and can make Brazil as our home court." Mr. ZhengMenghui said.
It is known that Brazil is the plot of JAC successful international business operation. Right now, nearly 50 JAC 4S outlets have covered main cities of Brazil World Cup areas, such as Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, JAC has more than 50,000 users, and products such as J3, J5 have kept highest FOB records among the exports of Chinese same class vehicles. Moreover, JAC has become the most popular Chinese automobile brands in Brazil, and occupied the leading position of the best brand image, the best brand reputation and the largest market share. Besides, JAC has invested in Brazil to build a joint venture plant.
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