2013-11-05JAC Light-duty truck show in 2013 Chinese International Commercial Vehicle Expo
On 30th October, 2012 Chinese International Commercial Vehicle Exposition was grandly opened in Wuhan International Expo Center. As one of the Chinese leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, JAC staged itself with its three main brands covering dozens of products. Meanwhile, JAC held a ceremonious exports vehicles delivery ceremony. With the vice general manager of Mr. Zhang Peng handing the gold key to the customers representative of Russia, JAC announced that it will continue to explore overseas markets on the basis of its excellent quality and strong capacity and fully display the charm of the No.1 Brand of Chinese light-duty truck exports.
JAC light duty truck has been always adhered to the 'Quality creates brand and quality is prior to scale' and won the admiration from overseas customers by virtue of its outstanding quality and maintained the champion of Chinese light-duty truck exports brand for consecutive 12 years. Recently, JAC light-duty trucks have been sold to more than 120 countries and kept the leading position in 70 countries, and Top 3 of all domestic and overseas terminal sales in 20 countries. What's more, JAC high-end light-duty trucks are the unique products which have been honored 'Export inspection exemption product' in China and exports of these model trucks have been occupied over 80% of JAC light-duty trucks exports.
In America, JAC light-duty truck successful breakthrough the trade barriers of Brazil and be used as the most high-end model in Brazil government public service institution and large logistics company. In Peru, JAC light-duty trucks have won the abundant of praises from Peru public service institutions by virtue of its outstanding power and stability. And in the end of 2012, JAC light-duty truck staged its appearance in national military parade ceremony as national fire control team which fully demonstrates the brand strength of JAC. In Southeast Asia, JAC competes with International famous light truck brand, and now JAC has achieved a great breakthrough in Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos and the Southeast has become one of the vital markets of JAC. In Algeria, Chile and other countries, the local customers have very high appreciated to JAC light-duty trucks which occupy the leading position. Besides South America, North Africa and other traditional overseas market, JAC high-end light-duty truck N-series have been exported to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico and other developed countries, and 'Quality JAC' is widely recognized. JAC light-duty trucks are wining more and more customers' trust and favor.
In the third of quarter of 2013, the exports of JAC light-duty trucks were more than 20,000 units, up by 10% year-on-year, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total exports of Chinese light trucks, and maintains the NO.1 exports brand of Chinese light-duty trucks.
This exposition, JAC Motors bring the world-class N-series light-duty trucks with three series- narrow, middle and wide which is committed to achieve high-effective logistic and right-hand model is designed for international markets. Besides, the economic L-series light-duty trucks also show in this exposition to demand difference customers' requirements.
The NO.1 Brand of Chinese Light Truck Exports' title is the admiration for JAC always adhering to high quality as well as the power of JAC's better performance in international markets. On the basis of 'Quality is prior to scale', JAC is pushing the adjustment of products' construction and enhancement of technologies to create an advanced products R&D system, which is changing the low image of Chinese vehicles and establishing the new international image of Chinese light-duty trucks.
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