2012-11-21New J6 to be launched into the Market during the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition
Recently, it is learnt that JAC will officially launch new J6 during the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition which will be held at the end of this month. At that time, S5-the vehicle raising hot attention will probably stage its appearance. Moreover, JAC will rename its products including M2, S2 and so on, in order to review products' system and integrate system resources, thus lay the foundation for the successful ending of 2012 and the smooth sales of 2013.
It is introduced that new J6 is positioned at "almighty business sedan" and aimed at meeting comprehensive demands of more customers' business upgrading, because of which, based on old J6 and the new conception of "Design Creates Perfect, Technology Changes Life", new J6 has improved greatly the exterior, interior, function and configuration to become more fashionable, technological and dynamic.
From the exterior, new J6 has stable front face, cross sports style and beautiful tail design. Its front light units linked to single decorated grill highlights its dynamic, and its tail is more angular instead of vertical, which makes the style younger. In the interior, new J6 is equipped with new metal texture steering wheel. Besides, the new function of moving forward is added into the middle seat of new J6, that means five seat vehicle can realize 2000L extended loading space.
Moreover, the improvement of JAC intellectual technology is reflected in the adoption of intellectual computer, intellectual audio system, four windows with one-touch and intellectual lights, especially the interaction of vehicle terminal system and intellectual phone. As is expressed by JAC passenger responsible person, with the interaction of vehicle terminal system and intellectual phone, new J6 can synchronize the phone with HDMI output function to the vehicle mainframe to display and play, as to iphone4S and Android 4.0 or the phone with the above version, occupants can touch the screen to recontrol the phone so as to increase the interactive experience of the occupants.
J6 has always been JAC main passenger vehicles. With leading sales in A+ class segment market, J6 was honored as "CCTV Annual Model","C-NCAP Five Star Security","Annual Best Medium vehicle" and so on. In September 2012, 8334 units of J6 were sold, up by 14.6% year on year, and up by 59.43% from August, jumping into the top three independent passenger vehicles. In the past October, the sales of J6 kept soaring and reached 8962 units, up by 37.9% compared with last year, and up by 7.5% compared with last month, demonstrating strong growing momentum.
At the very beginning of the release, the sales of J6 made a breakthrough of 4500 units during the first month, subsequently, its sales were ranked top five in the small MPV segment markets. The demands of minibus customers for an almighty vehicle with dignity, multifunction and various loading capability have provided the environment of new J6.
Configuration with better designs and more technological elements has successfully combined economy of traditional minibus with versatility of light bus. Insiders said that the release of new J6 is expected to lead the minibus upgrading time of "almighty business sedan".
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