2012-11-19The elite and energy saving JAC heavy truck will unveil in Auto Guangzhou 2012
On November 22th, 2012, the 10th Guangzhou Iinternational Auto Show will hold as a competitive stage for all the quality brands. In the "massive pressure" fierce competition, with its transcendent qualityy and high-tech essence, JAC heavy-duty truck breakthrough numerous giant heavy truck brands and become a dazzling quality star.
For this trip to Guangzhou, adhering to the "elite quality, high-tech life" character, JAC heavy-duty truck have been forethoughtfulness. With the special care and cautious choose, it finally target the models as 4x2 LNG tractor, 6x4 tractor and 8x4 lorry both mounted with Navistar engine, and will, as always, make the "quality" and "high-tech" gallop blossom in canton.
High-tech Guidance, Sustained Quality
This appearance of 6X4 tractor and 8X4 lorry respectively matched with the two customer-honored classical force engine MaxxForce 13 L and 7.2 L, JAC heavy-duty truck present the perfect match of "High-tech Navistar Guidance, Sustained Gallop Quality " and dash into the first tier as the high- tech heavy truck in China.
Navistar have been endeavoring to engine research and manufacturing business since 1930s, its engine have been used to the world's highest standards as well as the most demanding conditions in the whole world, which led to its ongoing research and development of advanced technology in the industry eternity. Recently, by perfectly combination of ICT (advanced in-cylinder combustion technology) and ICT + (advanced in-cylinder combustion technology with nitrogen oxide post-processing techniques), MaxxForce can easily upgrade its engine from Euro IV to Euro V, even upgrades to a higher level of Euro VI emissions or its equal heritage route. Product performance of the Navistar is stable and reliable as well as energy efficient and durable.
JAC heavy-duty truck always grants "quality" as the core elements of the brand value. Through the integration of global resources to build "car for the world ", the JAC product had been in the forefront of the industry." Equipped with Navistar - Maxxforce engine, its significance lies not only in the introduction of the world's leading power technology but also the more permanent operational capability for the users." said by JAC heavy truck staff in charge. In the just-concluded Fifth China International truck fuel economy contest, JAC heavy truck which equipped with Navistar engines, gains fuel economy Champion Award on both the tractor and the lorry. This award confirms JAC heavy truck with the good quality of matching capabilities and fuel economy performance.
The Establishment of the Anhui Jianghuai-Navistar diesel engine co., LTD. will provide more products which match China's national conditions with more improved technology, and to develop the advantages caused by the golden match.
Driving Value, Leading Market
As fuel prices continue to soar and logistics profit shrinks sharply, the requirement for creating a more economic vehicle by the users is also becoming increasingly harsh. The responsible staff from the vehicle management department of the Large logistics companies told reporters: "Encountering with the severe environment, our logistics enterprises had to enlarge profits with no limit cost control. So when we choose and buy any vehicles we pay attention not only on its brand reputation, but also focus on calculating the transportation cost per tons and kilometers after the operation."
Under the situation that the users pay more attention on the value of the product, JAC heavy truck 4X2 LNG tractor displayed on the auto show win the intensity approval of the end users by the attitude of guarantee the "terminator" of non-profit logistics transportation. In the days that gas reserves is still rich, oriented by the market demand, driven by the pursuit of customer value, the attitude that JAC heavy truck takes the LNG heavy truck series as a strategic product fully explain their character of always keeping customers in mind.
With the systematic design by JAC heavy truck team of engineers and the good match, the unique economic advantages of natural gas designed heavy truck is revealed vividly. JAC heavy truck LNG can save 40% expense than the similar horse power fuel trucks which would be more than 100,000 annually. The good quality and well economy made the JAC LNG heavy trucks as one pursuit inside the business and constantly win big orders.
In the 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show which attended by so many heavy truck brands around the world, with its good quality, advanced technology and its value, JAC heavy truck obtained more widely recognition, which fully proved the deep accumulation and user value oriented brand promise of "Quality JAC", and provided JAC heavy truck the continuous growth power to sustainable development.
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