2012-11-15JAC Minivan (VI) show its complete product portfolio in 2013
With its complete product portfolio, JAC minivan(V1) break the monopoly of joint venture, which causes a war in the field of european light truck in 2013, and the future development of this situation will affect all others in the world.
Who has short wheelbase, who will win.
As a new strategic product of JAC, IV series short wheelbase JAC minivan opens to the public in GuangZhou auto show 2012 , V1 will share some market of european light truck. The noteworthything is that V1 will show its complete product portfolio at the first time, announcing its accomplishment of full product line. "The successful announcement not only complete V1's product line, but also marks the development of V1 steps into a higher stage."General manager of multi-purpose commercial vehicle company, Lin Xiaohu says, and V1 will aim at the increase rate of 200%.
IV series leads firs: complete product portfolio
Undoubtedly, the brand-new IV series will attract the most attention in this auto show. With 12-seat coach/ 6-seat minivan and urban special logistics car, embodys "multi-purpose" of IV series.The biggest highlight is the employment of new science and technology and craft, which surpasses the common vehicles now.Hybrid combination/ 125 horsepower/1.9CTI/ advanced european VNTVariable nozzle pressure boost technology, etc. Small displacement can provide high-power/ low oil consumption/ low discharge and low noise.
What's more, complete product portfolio of V1 impress the public deeply . At the end of 2012, obviously, V1 is satisfying the customer and market by its wide product line and problem-solving ability. At the auto show, we can see the IV series/ Vseries and VIseries no matter in the passenger car exhibition area or commercial car exhibition area. Mr. Lin said, with the complete product portfolio, V1 will satisfy the needs of each market segment, and make great breakthrough.
Win over benchmark, ready to hit in 2013
Complete product portfolio makes its confident announcement of the accomplishment of product line.But in the field and market of vehicles, this makes the public feels the tense atmosphere of European light truck in 2013. 2013 is just a begin of real fight. And market is the best touchstone. "ready to fight in 2013 ,we have confidence" Mr. Lin shows much confidence. After two-year's development and promotion , V1 is starting to lead in the market rather than following other brand leaders .
"V1 has surpassed other vehicles in 5 aspects." Mr. Lin said. First is energy conservation, V1 is the leader among those commercial vehicles. In the quality aspect, adopting the technology of body laserbonding, building top-rankingmanufacturing foundation ,V1 has surpassed some foreign brands.The national quality award is a great guarantee for quality control system.customer value aspect, sunray will maximize the benefit for customers with its car warranty of 2 years and 80,000 kilometers and engine assembly warranty 250,000 kilometers.In the aspect of problem solution, V1 can launch into the area of public security organs /medical aid/professional school bus/tourism and urban logistics. Lastly, with an eye of international standard, sunray will embrace its fast development in overseas market, being the leader of both quantity and regions.
The launching of IV series will trigger its power to fight in 2013. Mr. Lin revealed, the launching of IV series has been arranged on the agenda, pricing structure is estimated to release early 2013.
Overall, V1 is ready for 2013.
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