2012-11-14"The Year Model of J6 2012"will launch into market in Auto Guangzhou
The 10th Guangzhou International Automobile Exposition will raise the curtain on November 22, 2012. As the show draws near, there is more and more news about the new cars to be displayed at the motor show. As the reporters are informed, JAC will attend the auto show with its car models of six platforms. Among the segment of small MPV, J6 has long enjoyed good reputation. At this auto show, JAC will launch the newest product- J6 year model 2012. The model is defined as the almighty light business sedan and will satisfy the demands of more customers.
As one of the main models of JAC passenger cars, at the early stage of the launch of J6, the sales volume of the first month exceeds 4500 units, and it has got good market reputation. With all the reorganization and reputation it has got from its launch, J6 has ranked top 5 among small MPV segment. Based on the previous version, the J6 year model which is to be launched at Guangzhou auto show, carries the concept of "design makes perfection, technology changes life", and updates the performance in many aspects, such as the exterior, the interior, functions and configuration. Thus, this new model has become more modern, technological, and dynamic.
The modeling is J6 is made with the joint efforts of JAC passenger cars and bentle ferrari JV, and its modern appearance appeals to the high-end minivan consumers. J6 year model takes the sports style of the previous CROSS version, and adds the Separate-bodied taillight and it makes the rear of the car more dynamic. In the aspects of the interior and the configuration, J6 year model is equipped with multiple new technical devices: intelligent instruments, and steering wheel with metallic texture. Besides, the middle seat row has forward-turning function , and with 5 seats, users can get an extended loading space of 2000L, and this feature further satisfies the demands that consumers have for space and operating ability. It appeals to the driving needs of minivan consumers and optimizes the driving convenience and safety.
In the recent two years, the competition in commercial vehicle market has become more and more fierce and consumers have higher demand for the loading capacity. They hope that there is one model which can combine the efficiency of traditional minivan and the multifunctional feature of light van. Especially last year the policy favoring the minivan development has withdrawn from the market, the sales volume of this segment has felled. After a year's adjustment, the minivan market has rebounded this year. From it, we can see that consumers' demands for multi functional minivan have increased. At the same time, the average income of the minivan consumers has increased and they expect a multi-functional car model which is more decent, multi-purpose and has more loading space.
As the leading auto makers of self-owned brands, JAC passenger cars detected the market need last year, developed and designed J6; JAC has used "good quality" as the powerful weapon to break into markets, and has invested great energy during the whole process: development, production, marketing and service. Nowadays, with the good opportunity of Guangzhou auto show, JAC passenger cars launch J6 year model and take over the small MPV segment market with the features of almighty light business sedan, and make consumers' wish of one car with multiple functions come true. We believe that with its more perfect design and technical configuration, J6 year model will bring about a trade-in craze in minivan market and usher in the updating age of almighty light business min van.
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