2012-11-142012-11-14J2 surprises the world ,selling 1225 units during the "11•11"
Annual Online shopping time has come,passion of hundreds of millions of customers have created total amount of retail sales of 19.1 billion.Under this kind of circumstances,many J2 official flagship storesrose and created a miracle in the area of electronic commerce-selling 1225 units J2 , making J2 the champaign car during the "11•11" shopping carnival. Making significant achievementat the first time to join into the online shopping carnival ,showing huge business opportunity that e-commerce contains.And will surely evoke more vehicle manufactures join in the e-commerce field.
As one of the main vehicle manufactures, JAC keep pace with the rapid development of e-commerce. During the Beijing Auto Show in BeiJing on 25th April 2012, JAC anounces the official settle in Tmall of J2, which is a boutique and high-end mini car, starting its transition of marketing channel.
Firstly, JAC passenger vehicle set out to establish the sales model of "manufacturersInternet MLM online & delivering car service authentication shop offline". This kind of model befinits not only manufactures but also distributors. Secondly, this transition of channel model can shrink the transaction cost and benefit customers extremely, which makes our products enjoy more market competitiveness. Thirdly, depending on the web selling platform of J2, JAC can confront our customer directly, acknowlege their requirements and solve their problems as the identity of Host manufacturers and the image of responsibility.This kind of fantastic service realises sound interaction with customers. Fourthly, abandoning the traditional "bargain" model can make the J2 buyers satisfactory and building a good business reputation. J2 has led to much competition and ignite the purchase passion among the customers. What's more, many vehicle manufactures /marketing experts and scholars in universities begin to study "J2 model", and J2 is given the good reputation of " chinese sales champaign online".
J2 has achieved abundant accomplishment through its transition of channel model. Since it started to sell online, its new sales and service system has improved gradually and win over the customers. The marketing performance has changed dramatically, from 200~300 units to more than 1000 units per month, becoming the champaign sales vehicle online. J2 has explored out a succesful method and caused positive reaction in e-commerce field with 99% satisfactory rate. 1225 units sales online in "11•11"delcares the brilliant prospect of vehicle in electronic commerce. We believe that J2 will be more concentrated /professional and excellent, along with the public's praise and first batch customers, the maturing of vehicle online selling , the progress of skill level .it iscertain that J2 will have excellent marketing performance.
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