2012-10-25JAC High-end Light Truck Wins One More Fleet Order
On Oct.20th, delivery ceremony of 100 JAC high-end light trucks to Dada logistics was grandly held in Dalian logistic park, Nantong, Jiangsu. Mr.ZhaoHouzhu, JAC Vice General Manager as well as General Manager of JAC Commercial Vehicle Company was handing over 100 keys which represent 100 JAC high-end light trucks to president of Dada logistic, marking that two excellent enterprises have realized deeper cooperation based on mutual trust.
The fastest growing high-end light truck around Yangtze River Delta
To JAC, 2012 is a competitive year as well as a fruitful year. From January to September, JAC has sold all kinds of light trucks nearly 140,000 units, among which 16,000 units were high-end light trucks. As is known to all, technology is the power source of JAC leading quality and JAC high-end light truck is the masterpiece of current light truck technology. This light truck is the world-class light truck based on the integration of global resources with world advanced design philosophy and technology platform, representing the highest design and manufacturing level of Chinese light truck.
"I really appreciate the styling and the practicality of the vehicle from the very first sight I saw it", president of Dada logistic expressed excitedly.
Top 500 enterprises pass JAC light truck brand value by themselves
"Leading technology, guaranteed manufacture and transcendental service have ensured the quality of JAC light truck keep pace with the time and stay the benchmark position of Chinese light truck."Mr. Zhao said. From the first high-end light truck launched into the market to the accepting of high-end light truck narrow version by users in 2012, JAC high-end light truck stood at the top of Chinese light truck industry as the benchmark of high-end light trucks.
N series high-end light truck (N721) is no doubt the biggest highlight of commercial vehicle. N series is the newest world-class light truck in a new product platform and integrates JAC 50 years' light truck manufacturing experiences, which aims at the high-end logistics market and integrates global resources, international design conception and the most advanced technology platform.
China famous food company Wantwant has sales network all over the country, so it emphasizes a lot on the efficiency quality capability and service capability of the logistic vehicle. Since 2007, Wantwant has made additional orders and its accumulated orders have reached 5000 units. By now, JAC light truck has become the only appointed light truck brand by Wantwant.
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