2012-08-21JAC J2 Kept Hot Sales on Taobao Website, Selling 148 Units on the First Day
On August 13th, 2012, Chinese biggest B2C platform carried out a sales promotion in the middle of the year. The sales volume of JAC J2, honored as "Chinese First Car on Website", has broken through 100 units on the first day, and became the brightest highlight in this activity.
J2 participating in this activity is the top-end luxury model and the preferential rate reached RMB 7000. The luxury version is equipped with ABS+EBD, double airbags, parking sensor, power sunroof and so on. The large screen MP5 of the car entertainment system and 6 channel sound have also attracted customers'attention. In the afternoon of the activity, the number of car purchasers has exceeded 100. J2 official flagship store's transaction records clearly show that the total turnover was 148 units in that day.
Orientating high-end model, channel innovation benefits customers
As early as launching into the market, J2 has been orientated as the high-end elaborate and fashion small car. In terms of R&D and design team' selection, parts and components supporters'selection, selection of technology for production and product configuration, J2 is the best one among the domestic same-class car. Compared with the same class A00 cars, the tread and wheelbase are bigger and has been honoured as 'the king of space'among mini cars. Therefore, J2 has qualified all the excellent genes, but at the same time the high cost brings high price. How to solve this problem? In 2012, conform to the trend of e-commerce quickly development, J2 builds 'pure network sales channel'using the mode of 'Network marketing+ offline car delivery service', and 4s shop focus on pre-sale and after-sale service to reduce transaction costs and benefit customers, which brings an other 'laurel' to J2-'The King of Cost Performance'. By the virtue of those advantages, the sales volume of J2 has climbed quickly, from 200 units per month to 1000 units per month, and truly becomes'The First Website Car in China'Good reputation from experts and customers
In the first half year of 2012, some industry experts have analysed Chinese mini car markets and said: 'the whole Chinese mini car market is the condition of regression but one model will be out stand-that is JAC J2.'Although the very poor advertisements investment of J2 compared with its competitors, J2's brand influence has been gradually enlarged. The article further analyzed that: 'J2 has two advantages: Firstly, J2 has been in the trend of upgrading while other best-selling models felling into downlink. Secondly, all of J2's sales volume has come from network since May.'We can see that channel innovation brings brand influence to J2, but actually customers'satisfaction is key reason of J2's success. Because of customers getting the benefits, their good reputation of J2 brings more sales volume.
Over one hundred units per month is just a beginning
JAC J2's first selling day sales volume on www. has reached 148 units. As the unique car selling on website as normal, J2 has become a very bright star among the automobile industry. Now it's just the first day of this activity and it will be last for 6 days, we believe that it will create a new legend in car website sales history. In fact, as a home-grown auto brand, JAC has judged the diffidence and advantage between network marketing and traditional marketing. In combination with B2C business characteristics and the changes of Chinese car users' age, JAC has become the first Chinese home-grown auto-manufacturer which creates the sales channel on website. Through low-cost marketing input and effective promotion, it reaches a more intimate information exchange with young customers.
Over one hundred units in 10 hours, it not only shows the customers'appreciation to J2 but also shows the purchase habits of young customers are changing. To accurate grasp and adapt this trend, JAC will be won the first.
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