2012-08-16Small Car Also Owns High Security-- Analyzing JAC J2 Safety System
Vehicle safety has always been the most important topic when consumer buying a car. If there is no safety protection, everything will lose its meaning, no matter how favorable you are about the fashionable appearance, the comfortable feeling, and the flexible the handling. Because protecting the safety of drivers and passengers is more important than anything else.
The active security and the passive security are the two standards measuring a car's security. J2, the first A0 class car producing by JAC Motors, is considered the multi-level security design in both "active & passive" securities and "pedestrian & vehicle" securities. Its full-loading body with 45% high strength steel has created a security barrier in body structure primarily.
J2 is equipped with 27 security protecting measures to build a new safety concept in A0 cars. The latest BOSCH 8.1 version ABS+EBD brings it the excellent braking performance, greatly shorten the braking distance, whose 100km/h braking distance reduces to 40m greatly exceeding the average distance of A0 cars and reaching B cars' standard. Moreover, the abnormal tire wear also reduces so that the tires' life increases. The wider driving vision fully guarantees the safety in addition.
The speed-sensitive automatic latch will play a role making the central lock automatically lock to prevent accident when the speed reaches 40km/h. When the cars collided, collision-sensitive automatic unlocks will play anther role, making ECU (Electronic Control Unit) send a signal to control unlock, and making convenience for the crew escape or outside rescue in a timely manner.
J2 conforms to European ECE Pedestrian Protection Regulations, reducing pedestrian injuries and the troubles of owners. J2 hood goes upward after impacting, and cushioning material is placed inside to reduce the injury of man's head. The front bumper with energy absorbing block can absorbs the impact force, reducing the pedestrian legs injury.The rear body is equipped with energy absorbing rear bumper beams, substantially reducing the impact buffer, and in particular to strengthen the rear resistance deformation capacity, protecting the occupants' safety in Maximum limit.
In addition,J2also equips 46L driver's airbag and 90L co-pilot airbag and pretension seat belts in its luxury version, fully protecting the passengers' safety after collision. When the rear of J2 being impact, the passengers' head will be backward by the inertial force. In the occasion, the L-shaped headrest on the rear seat can provide a strong support to avoid the passenger's neck easily sprain.
On the whole, J2 is shown a higher security, especially compared with the same class cars. Its outstanding performance in safety has demonstrated that JAC has made great effort to improve quality both in concept and in technology, bringing passengers the most intimate protection.
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