2012-08-13Quality JAC, Wonderful Future-Angola International Exposition2012 Concludes Successfully
Angola International Exposition2012successfully concluded on 22nd, July. JAC's full series products were spectacularly exhibited on the Expo, attracting lot of attention from the visitors.
It is the biggest comprehensive exposition in West Africa area, which has high visibility and good reputation in Angola and West Africa area. It was held once a year, with a history of 29 years.
Angola is magic country, experienced economic depression during the civil war and fast development after the civil war. With rich petroleum and mineral resources on the land, and great market demand after the civil war, Angola is going to be the biggest trade partner of China in Africa instead of South Africa.
During the 7 years since the first entrance of JAC products into the Angola market in 2005, JAC kept improving products quality, constructing service and spare parts network as well as promoting sales. Currently, with the co-efforts of our partner, JAC light duty truck becomes the only Chinese light commercial vehicle brands succeeding in the market for 7 years, and has the biggest segment market share among Chinese brands.
JAC's full line of products, including full series of passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks were spectacularly exhibited on the Expo. It is also the first time for JAC passenger vehicles exhibiting in Angola. Comprehensive products portfolio, great exhibition booth design and layout attracted attention from Xinhua News Agency, Angola National Television, and Angola government office as well as local visitor, which greatly improved the brand image of JAC Motors and paved the way for our future development in Angola market. JAC's exhibition and well arrangement was highly praised by Chinese embassy counselor in Angola. We believe that JAC will definitely have wonderful future in Angola market.
Exhibition layout:
Live report of Xinhua News Agency in Angola:
Chinese embassy counselor in Angola visits JAC booth:
Officers of Angola Customs head office visits JAC booth:
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