2012-08-10J2 Debuts in Colombia
From 31st July to 7th August, The national automobile mania was held in the Colombia capital-Bogoto Conference Center. There were 33 auto brands including 250 vehicle models and 110 professional racers taken part in this activity.
JAC Colombia distributor with J3 Turin, J6, J2 three passenger car models attended this activity. What's important, by this chance, our company will launch J2 in Colombia officially. As a new model, J2 has undergone more than one year's adaptability improvement and finally met with Colombia customers. After known J2's specification, performance and quality guarantee, many customers expressed their affection and purchase intention.
Though this activity, more and more Columbia customers know JAC and its passenger cars' excellent design and quality.
Since 2010, JAC passenger car has achieved 100% growth for two consecutive years in Columbia. Until July, 2012, there are more than thousands of JAC vehicles exported to Columbia and ranked No.1 among Chinese independent auto brands. And it ranked No.11 in the terminal market and ranked No.5 in passenger car brands sales growth. With the entering of J2, JAC will be better and better in Columbia.
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