2012-08-0830 units JAC HDT departs for Mongolia
On 30th, July, the first batch order of JAC heavy duty trucks leaves for Mongolia market, which marks a substantial step forward to Mongolia market.
The first 30 units' dump trucks include two models with strong loading capacity, which were selected according to the market preference and using condition of Mongolia. To meet the special requirement of low temperature environment in the winter of Mongolia, our technicians made special design on cabin heating system
To fasten the lead time of this order, and meet the modification requirement, JAC contacted its authorized service station in Hefei to assemble the liquid heating system according to the design drawing provided by JAC technical department. At the same time, JAC quality control experts went to the service station many times to inspect the assembly quality to make sure that those trucks enter Mongolia market with perfect condition.
Mongolia is rich in mineral resources, and the mining industry is the pillar industry in the country, which lead to great demand for heavy duty trucks. After two years' negotiation with our partner in Mongolia, we finally start our cooperation on heavy duty trucks. With rich business experience of more than15 years, our partner is powerful and professional in distributing engineering machinery as well as heavy duty trucks, which made it qualified for our distributor in the market. Currently, our partner has already started the sales in the market, and sent sales and service team to JAC to have a 15-day-training, which reaches the expected goal of two parties and lays good foundation for future sales and service in the market.
We believe that with co-efforts of all relevant departments of JAC and its partner, JAC will have good performance in Mongolia market.
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