2012-07-18JAC Passenger Car--- 1.9CTI Two Models in Changchun Auto show
July 17th, The 9th Changchun Auto Show 2012 was held in International Exhibition Center. JAC Motors with 6 passenger car platforms and 4 engine platforms debuted in a new appearance. In the spot of Auto show, M2 1.9 CTI and S1 1.9CTI(diesel)attracted most of public attention. Meanwhile, J5 sports series debuted with new style, which became the hotspot of this show.
M2 1.9 CTI and S1 1.9CTI (diesel)
In this auto show, M2 1.9 CTI and S1 1.9CTI (diesel)launched into Changzhou officially, which are integrated 12 international advanced technology and 5 performance advantages. These two models are both equipped with 1.9CTL engine which achieve the enhancement of dynamic. It brings higher value option for customers.
The listing two models, they are all equipped the newest 1.9CTI turbo charging diesel engine besides appearance, space and safety complete upgrading. What's more, they are qualified the characteristic of '3 high and 3 low': high technology ---12 international advanced technologies including VNT (Variable nozzle turbocharger), SCV (Swirl controllable ratio); high performance-- output per litre reaches 52.4kW/L, passing the level of Benz Vito; High safety-satisfied European B10 specified life, service life get up to 700,000 kilometers; Low noise-the design of automatic tension type chain rotation system can effectively reduce the vibration of the engine and transmission noise, SCR and other technologies can effectively reduce engine combustion noise; Low emission-reaches National IV, green and environment-friendly; Low cost-taking M2 1.9CTI for example, Fuel consumption is only7.2L, realizing perfectly breakthrough of dynamic and fuel economy.
J5 Sport series debut with 'flying stunt' creating 'the first experience platform'The season 'J5 flying stunt' has been end perfectly and the second season activity will start in August formally. In order to let more customers experience J5's performance and open a experience platform, 'J5 flying stunt' will be held in more than 10 cities in China. And J5 sport series will become the star in the second season, relying on fashionable and dynamic appearance, comfortable driving, and easy operation to display the charm of 'J5 flying show' again.
The car marketing situation was very complicated in the first half 2012, but JAC always put customers in the No.1 position. The star products of JAC realized contrarian growth and six platform products sales were performance excellent. And JAC M1 will welcome the 500000th unit rolling off the product line, which not only means M1 has created a new sales record of a single model but also represents the new level of Chinese MPV. Since launched into Market in 2002, 500,000 units sales volume in 10 years has created the MPV market the biggest inventory in China. 'J5 flying stunt' has been held around the county and achieved thousands of sales volume in the 10 stations. Besides, JAC has signed the cooperation agreement with many B2C electronics giants and J2 has been sold in network store since the beginning of this year and monthly sales once achieved 1300 units.
JAC passenger car has always adhered to the quality road and shaped its brand to achieve 'Made in China' to 'Chinese Brand'. JAC will constantly release new products and displays its new technology fruits in 2012.
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