2012-07-10JAC International achieved the completion of Semi-annual goals
Sales of vehicles reached over 30,000 unitsamong first half of the year 2012, JAC Internationalaccomplished 62.6%of its annual required target and 54% of the annual shooting target, which realizedand demonstrated JAC's Catchphrase "half time, more duty".
In 2012, the world economy signs appear warmer, but there is more restriction factor: the unsolved European financial crisis; the turmoil in the Middle East; the unexpected frequent trade frictions and the increased trade barriers.Faced with adverse international political and economic environment, JAC International didn't fear difficult. JAC International based on System innovation on the aspect of internal management, adopted full MCU on the perspective of the production and business operation to obtain the further release of the enthusiasm of its employees and their working improvements.
As the core business of JAC International, Commercial vehicle business pursue the achievements on scale as well as efficiency, at the mean time it constantly optimize the structure of products. 4DA1 engine platform and the high-end Cummins engine platform account for light-duty trucks export has exceeded 80% proportion. In Algeria, JAC overstep JMC to be the first brand light-duty trucks. At the same time, the strategic markets have been popping up with significant breakthrough like Iran, Venezuela, Turkey, etc. and some of them have alreadyrealized fleet orders.
As a strategic business,Passenger car business is actively seeking new market breakthroughs to contribute to the export scale growth. In the Brazilian market, JAC actively overcome the negative effects aroused by IPI tariffs rise to enjoy the consecutive first positionof the Chinese automotive export at the same time, J5 successfully launched in Marchwith a continuoussales like hot cakes. What's more, through strong development regional markets in Africa and Middle East, JAC International has made breakthrough in the markets of Algeria and Iraq.
In the remaining half year, JAC International will be more united to gain greater breakthrough and fulfill a successful completion of the company formulated goals.
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