2012-07-09JAC Offers Heart to Heart Service in Brazil
Actively cooperated by the dealers and the major networks, from 1st June to 30th June 2012, JAC services team in Brazil had organized a heart to heart service to local customers for improving their satisfaction.
During the period, the service team visited SP (Sao Paulo), Rio (Rio), Salvador (El Salvador), Curitiba (Curitiba), the Mogi (Moji), Santos (Santos) and other cities, met with some VIP customers to acquire a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, as well as the car usage and maintenance circumstance in the past one year, and provided solution to their FAQs. For some VIP customers, the company had also offered the corresponding preferential policies, such as: free technical inspection, complimentary services maintenance, VIP priority reception, service fee discount and so on. During the service period, service team learned from the customer that JAC brand has not only been welcomed and liked by the Brazilians, also been supported by many overseas Chinese.
In Bandeirantes, one Chinese customer, who is a non-resident live in Sao Paulo for 11 years, says: "Although I have already immigrated to Brazil for many years, patriotic blood is deeply rooted in my mind, so I chose JAC MOTOR to support our country's own brand.
In Santos, a Brazilian elderly person said "hello" to us with a smile: "I regard J3 as my own child and even give him a Chinese name 'Shaolin', I firmly believe 'Shaolin' is better than C3 in term of both appearance and dynamic."
In Gastão, one Brazilian customer said: "I bought a J3 turin four months ago, I am very satisfied with both its appearance, quality and service, although I have the money to buy a better car, but I just inexplicably like JAC, and hope JAC E100 hybrid will be launched to the market as soon as possible, I will buy another one ".
In RIO, a 28-year-old young man said: "J3 is really beautiful, dynamic and of good quality. I am pleased to see your team was able to launch these face-to-face and heart-to-heart service activities around the country, also have more confidence in JAC products.
Since March 18th 2011, JAC has entered into Brazil for more than one year. Owning to the accurate positioning of the brand, good product quality and satisfied services, JAC in the Brazilian market won the favor of consumers and the praise from major car magazines and auto media. Since the market is gradually stabilizing, JAC service, equipped with efficient, fast and satisfying service quality, will play a crucial role in its sustainable and stable development in the Brazilian market.
The face-to-face active service, enable JAC to understand deeply the true feelings of customers, to concern what customers concerned and fulfill what customers required, which is helpful to improve customer communication and service, as well as enhance Brazilian people’s confidence in JAC brand, also promote sustainable and stable development in the Brazilian market.
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