2012-07-0620 units JAC HDT with Cummins Engine are ready for overseas market
On 21st, June, 20 units Heavy dump trucks equipped with Cummins engine were finished in the HDT assembly factory, which was the biggest batch order of this model in year 2012.
This model,equipped with Cummins engine and ZF transmission, is a high end product among JAC HDT series. Much advanced technology and many imported parts and specialized parts are applied on this model, which has the highest requirement on the assembly technology and technics. After receiving this order, HDT assembly factory had a meeting with related departments like design, technics, quality and purchasing department to discuss the pending production and related issues and worked out a tight time schedule to ensure all the processesbe well arranged. Finally, with the common efforts of everyone in the factory, on 21st, June, those 20 units' trucks were driven off the assembly line one by one smoothly without any delay.
Those trucks will be delivered to South America market, and is going to compete with international brands in the market. With comprehensive quality control system and advanced technology and world famous engine and transmission, JAC high end trucks will have a good performance in the overseas market.
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