2012-07-05JAC and Navistar Diesel Engine Joint Venture Project Officially Obtains Approval of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
On June 29th, 2012, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) authorize official approval to JAC and Navistar diesel engine joint venture project, which has laid solid foundation for JAC engine technology innovation and commercial vehicles' development strategy.
The company JAC and Navistar jointly established is named as JAC Navistar Engine Limited Company. Its registered assets is 600 million yuan, among which JAC and Navistar will assume 300 million yuan respectively according to the principal of equivalence and will totally invest 1800 million yuan to mainly produce JAC HFC4DA1(2.8L) series diesel engine, Navistar MaxxForce3.2L diesel engine, MaxxForce4.8/7.2L diesel engine. Annual production capacity of the company will reach 150,000 units, and it will be located near the adjacent of Zishi Road and Lianhua Road, Economic and technology development zone, Hefei. At the same time, the plan to bring in large diesel engines such as MaxxForce9.3L ,MaxxForce 11/13L and so on is under the discussion between JAC and Navistar.
Navistar is a famous commercial manufacturer in North America. It has perfect engine core resources and advanced engine key spare parts technology. Moreover, its engines can meet the most strict emission standard in the world.
The cooperation between JAC and Navistar will accelerate JAC commercial vehicles' vertical integration to effectively resolve the problem of key spare parts' technology updates of light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks. Especially, the introduction of light truck diesel engine will form competitive edge with JAC light truck together to create light trucks with higher performance-per-ratio and better quality. It is believed that in the near future, the core competitiveness of engine technology and commercial vehicles will be continually consolidated and strengthened by the cooperation.
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