2012-07-04Leading new trend of quality, The 2th JAC'Quality Public Day'was held successfully
July 1st, the 2nd 'JAC Quality Public Day' was held successfully in JAC passenger car production base. The chairman of China Customer's Association, representative of JAC Motors, nearly 60 mainstream media and thousands of public from all around the country attended this activity. At the same time, the first season 'J6 Stunt Show' final was held and Top 10 champions gathered in Hefei and decided the Top 3. Though displaying JAC vehicles' manufacturing process and stunt, it will prove JAC products outstanding quality, high-end brand and creative marketing.
'Quality Public Day' is a special activity created by JAC to display enterprise's image and enhance brand recognition. As early as 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, JAC has handed with more than 700 upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises to establish 'JAC Passenger Car Quality Assurance Alliance' and released 'JAC Passenger Car Quality Assurance Pact', to promise all of JAC products have undergo a rigorous data program control to ensure the quality and after-services. Meanwhile, each year July 1st was decided to be 'JAC Quality Public Day'. The same year in July, first 'JAC Quality Public Day' was held ceremoniously under all society high attention and achieved good responded.
Compared with the first 'JAC Quality Public Day', the second scale is more tremendous. JAC opened passenger car plant to public and invited specialist, media and customers to visit JAC. With accompany of professional technicians and their patiently explanation, common customers are better understanding of JAC's culture, products and manufacture.
And the final champion of 'J6 Stunt Show' enabled customers feel JAC products in an intuitive and vivid way. J6 performance fleet staged all kinds of flight formations, and top 10 winners from national ten sub-branches used all their skill to compete the first season 'J6 Stunt Show' champion throne.
With the first season 'J6 Stunt Show' finals perfect ending and 'Quality Public Day' successful holding, JAC has showed its products good quality to public and its brand image has been greatly enhancement. JAC takes quality as the foundation of its development, and supplies, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distributors five systems to guarantee its high-end quality. Shaping brand with good quality, JAC will win the more markets share depending on its 'Quality Road' and build newest international auto brand image.
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