2012-07-02JAC Commercial Vehicles Ranked Top Three during the First Five Months with Sales of 129,600 Units
This year JAC defied the downward trend of Chinese commercial vehicles market. From Jan. To May, sales of JAC commercial vehicles have been ranked as top three with 129,600 units, while exports of JAC light trucks still lead Chinese automobile industry.
Why JAC , the independently developed automobile industry can jump to top three in spite of Chinese commercial vehicles recession? And kept the leading position in exports?
Three upgrades fully improve users'satisfaction
At the beginning of this year, JAC commercial vehicles released three upgrades of technology, products and quality, namely on one hand, further improve users'satisfaction, and on the other hand, enhance JAC commercial vehicles'brand competition.
Release of N721 narrow version stands for JAC light truck technology upgrade, which means that JAC commercial vehicles have formed rich and perfect portfolio after the global light truck technology has been developed. New products such as Haowei-dual fuel minitruck with gasoline and natural gas, natural gas tractor, new platform lorry, dumper and all series bus school chassis have attracted the customers'attention in the recession commercial vehicles'market. At the same time, JAC has upgraded its current products including heavy trucks, light trucks and coach chassis, and brought more regional adaptive products to push the products' portfolio and personality to a new level. Upgrade of technology has improved products'value.
In the quality upgrade, JAC commercial vehicles have created all-round quality control system from the aspects of quality consciousness, system standard and quality tool. Through the implementation of process standardization management, on-site operation standardization, the continuous pursuit of system standard and the optimization of quality management process, JAC has formed high level manufacturing craft guarantee ability with its own characteristics. Meanwhile, JAC continuously improved its quality of parts and components to promote its quality management to every link, such as sales, service and spare parts supply, fully improving products' quality.JAC brand image of 'leading technology, high reliability, low maintenance, high secondary market value'is rooted in public's heart.
New products introduced one after another Users benefit from brand' new value
Chinese commercial vehicles'market demonstrates sluggish, but JAC commercial vehicles have been introduced one after another. In April this year, JAC N721narrow version was launched into the market. With leading technology, first-class quality and suitable price, it has brought new value experience for city distribution, public service and short distance logistics.
Subsequently, JAC first gasoline truck-Haowei gasoline version was launched into Chinese market. In order to meet certain regional demands of natural gas, at the beginning of development, JAC Haowei used dual fuel design-only needs the simple modification can realize the dual fuel system of gasoline and natural gas to avoid the match problem emerging from the modification of natural gas system. Considering from the users' aspect, JAC has won the trust of users.
Moreover, targeting at school bus market, JAC commercial vehicles have released all series of school bus special use chassis covering 5.5 meters to 10 meters. Based on the accumulative profession chassis manufacturing experience and Navistar's technology absorption, JAC school chassis have become the main products of the market.
Official figure shows that from Jan-May, 2012, JAC has sold 100,000 units of light trucks, becoming the only commercial vehicles 'brand to keep rising among the top three light truck brands, and the accumulative exports of JAC light trucks were nearly 12,000 units, up by 77%, leading the exports of Chinese light truck exports. JAC coach chassis were sold more than 10,000 units, up by 1.5% when the sales of Chinese chassis market declined 2.08%, and the sales of JAC heavy trucks made a breakthrough of 12,000 units, ranked as top seven in the industry.‘Quality is the foundation of JAC development and survival, and the quality of JAC commercial vehicles develop as the time develops. Market performance has proved that the three updates which JAC strives to improve the quality meets the expectation of users.'Mr.Zhao Houzhu, general manager of JAC Commercial Vehicles Company said.
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