2012-07-0246 units S1 and 30 units M2 deliver to Anhui Province Department of Public Health
On June 20th 2012, the delivery ceremony of JAC cars to department of public health of Anhui Province was held ceremoniously. JAC 46 units S1 and 30 units M2 were delivered to the relative leaders of Anhui Province Department of Public Health.
Public Health Control Mechanism plays essential role in improving Chinese health services level. Depending on outstanding products quality, JAC S1 and M2 win the government recognized, especially admiration from Health department. Until now, nearly thousands of M1 and S1 have served in the front-line of health services.
In the departure ceremony, the representative of JAC said: 'we are very proud of JAC S1 and M2 can been selected to serve in the front of health supervision.'
In 2012, M2, S1 1.9CTI model launched into market and immediately obtained the domestic and foreign customers' attention. M2 1.9CTI inherits M1 10 years' quality confirmation and position to high-end MPV, have talent of high quality, high availability and high cost performance. It is the new generation of JAC business MPV. M2 1.9CTI not only has achieved five aspects upgrade including 'technology upgrade, power train upgrade, energy conservation upgrade, specification upgrade and operation upgrade ', but also appearance with totally new power train, perfectly combination of fuel economy and cost performance and will bring newest users' experience, leading MPV into a new diesel age.
S2 1.9CTI adopts the newest power train meticulously produced by JAC-1.9CTI engine, which is applied the international advanced technology VNT (variable nozzle) pressure boost and the third generation high pressure common-rail direct injection technology, and the perfect cooperation which has achieved enhancement of power performance, volume power reaches 52.4KW/L, displacement is 1.947L, rated power reaches 96.5KW, and the maximum can reach 254Nm. The strong power output gives S1 1.9CIT's excellent off - road performance to full play. Meanwhile, 1.9CTI engine also blends in SCV (controllable turbine ratio) technology, effectively reducing the oil consumption of engine under various driving conditions, and the 100 km fuel consumption is only 6.7L with outstanding fuel economy. And electric control EGR system controllable turbine flow ratio application can cut down the whole engine's emission, reaches National IV emission standard. What's more, the design of tightened chain system and deep skirt cylinder body can effectively reduce engine vibration and transmission noise, and the application of SCV and Electronic Throttle Valve can effectively reduce the engine combustion noise, creating a comfortable and quiet private driving space.
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