2012-07-02JAC SUV Club Help Students in Remote Mountains
In order to satisfy more students' aspiration of knowledge lived in remote mountains have opportunity, JAC Harbin 4S shop and JAC SUV club jointly started activities of "ignite glimmer of hope and offer helps to students" on May 27th, 2012. In a rosy-fingered dawn, the "rainbow" fleet composed of JAC S1 and J5 departure to school in Baikui Town from JAC Harbin 4S shop with large quantities of learning, cultural and recreational supplies.
After a whole morning's trip, JAC SI fleet arrived at the school in Baikui Town at 11 o'clock. The club members moved the donated materials off the cars and eagerly knew about needy students' study and living conditions without much rest.
One member of JAC SUV club said "taking part in such activities is a good educational chance of gratitude and public welfare and great thanks to JAC SUV club for organizing such an activity."
Mr Yu, responsible official of JAC SUV club said "the activities are focused on the needy children. Their education is restricted by poverty but they are still full of confidence and great eagerness to continue their study. We are here to make them know that many people in the society are concerned about their growth and are willing to make their share of efforts to help them. In the further, we will continue to do our best to help them continue their education"
One person's strength is tiny. However, with everyone making due contributions to make needy children grow happily, it will make the children remember for a lifetime. JAC car club and other car clubs will hold more activities of such public welfare kind to reward our society and care for the healthy growth of the next generation and pass on this caring and love.
We hope in the further more caring people will participate in the JAC's public welfare activities and joint hands with us to help those people in need. We believe that love can bring along hope and together with JAC Rein car club members, we will do our best to make the next generation grow up more healthily and happily.
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