2012-06-28AC school bus special chassis been well recognized by market again
June 12th, JAC gets an order of 120 units' school bus special chassis and this is till now the largest order in one batch for JAC school bus special chassis since the launch of this product.
The order will be fulfilled by the JAC school bus special chassis HFC6700K3YD3, which is in full compliance with the national standard "The safety technique specifications of special school buses", and even with higher technical standard in some specifications. Abiding by the design principle of "safe, reliable and serviceable", the chassis applies American style conventional cabin with front engine, to effectively protect the safety of driver and passengers with strengthened safety performance.
From the debate of standards, to the issuing of school bus standard, to the implementation of the "Regulation on School Bus Safety Management", the Chinese school bus market has become more and more regulated with stricter technical requirements. As the bus chassis manufacturer with longest history and strongest technical strength in China, over the years JAC has always been leading the industry in engineering level and product quality.
According to statistics, Chinese domestic sales of school bus in the first 5 month of 2012 reach 10022 units. To take a look at segments, below 5m (meters) is 613 units and takes 6.1%, 5m to 6m segment reaches 902 units and 9%, 6m to 7m is 3265 units and 32.6%, 7m to 8m with 3349 and 33.4%, 8m to 9m with 1144 and 11.4%, and above 9m is 749 and 7.5%. It's easy to tell that the segments of 6m to 8m take nearly 66% of market share and plays the dominant role of school bus market. To seize the market opportunity in the explosion of school bus, JAC bus Chassis Company has developed the series of 5.5m to 10m school bus special chassis, among which the product of 6m to 8m is the competitive product of JAC.
As to the chassis below 7.3m, JAC applies its unique frame technology of bended side rail, and installs JAC proprietary 4DA1 series engine, and complete configuration such as power steering, front disk brake system, etc. As compared to common straight side rail, the bended side rail, basing on the premise to be in accordance with "The safety technique specifications of special school buses", lowers the ground clearance and vehicle gravity center. With widened front and rear axle, the vehicle has better driving stability. Besides, being optimized from Isuzu 4JB1 engine on oil supply and air intake system, and applying Bosch electronic-controlled high-pressure common rail system, and integrating advanced diesel engine technology such as low noise gear, JAC 4DA1 series engine is among the best of similar products in the market. The engine power reaches 88kw and the fuel consumption for each 100 km is only 8L, which means 10% lower than similar engines. 4DA1 engine has advantage by a wide margin on the performance of reliability, fuel consumption, dynamic characteristics and noise control.
In addition, JAC has introduced a 6m BEST school bus chassis, which applies a number of high and new techniques such as front double cross beam independent suspension, whole stamping bended side rail and box typed frame. With lower weight and lower fuel consumption, and better performance than similar products in safety and comfort, the chassis is well acknowledged as the best medium-sized school bus special chassis in current domestic market.
With respect to the chassis between 7.3m and 8m, JAC bus Chassis Company has fully considered the layout requirement of conventional cabin vehicle type, applied steering angle designing and 17.5 inch front disc baker, and enables its better performance on maneuverability and safety among similar products. Besides, seats is arranged as 2+2 or 2+3 type, and is suitable for being refitted to school bus for primary and secondary schools with 2.25 to 2.4 m in width and for 27 to 45 students.
Statistics from JAC bus chassis marketing company shows that, in the first 5 month of this year, JAC reaches the sales volume of school bus special chassis 1157 units, an increase of 160.6% over the total volume of year 2011. Among them, chassis between 6m to 8m reaches 980 units, and take a share of 84.7%.
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