2012-06-27C-II program startup:JAC maunfactures a new generation of high-end business car
June 6th,the startup ceremony of C-II program was held in the Technical R&D Center.An jin,Zhaohouzhu,Yangang,Liming and Taowei and other senior level leaders from JAC attended this ceremony, together with 18 respententives from strategtic collaborative development suppliers such as Bosch,Haman and ZF.
Positioned high-end, aiming at official cars market
As late-comers of chinese passenger vehicles market,JAC grows very fast, although it has a very short time marching into passenger cars field.for now, it has Complete Product Portfolio in passenger car fields:C,B,A,A0,SUV and MPV. J7 is the first passenger vehicle,and has got good word of mouth after several years, development.
C-II modle is a completely new sedan based on C platform, matching J7 chassis which is of excellent operation and 2.0CTI and 6DCT transmission, it can meet the need of high-end business market, especially the government procurement.
C-II modle can realize the SOP in june 2014. The highlights are: efficient dynamic system, safe/comfortable chassis,technical and fashionable body electronic system and core power transmission 2.0T+6DCT.C-II will definitely promote JAC comprehensive power in the market of midium and high-end passenger cars.
Firm confidence, maunfacuters a new generation of high-end business car
At the startup ceremony , Chairman Mr.An Jin emphasized JAC must promote C-II program, although facing the fiece competition all over the world, taking advantage of our own and teamwork,maunfacturing a new generation of high-end business car.
As one of Chinese independent brands, JAC is a Comprehensive Automaker,its commercial vehicles has huge scale and brand advantage in Chinese commercial vehicle market,which can help the strategic transformation.what is more, the production capacity and equipment level can compete with joint capacityof Finished Automobile and core transmission system take the lead of all proprietary brands.
JAC leaders from Technical R&D Center,C-II program team and 18 leaders from strategic collaborative development suppliers will make up a powerful cooperating team,accomplishing the whole designing development and production,making C-II a new star product of JAC.
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