2012-06-18The First Brazil Spare Part Sales Center Was Awarded
In the morning of June 15th, the representative of International handed over the JAC spare part sales center authorized license to director of Barueri Spare Part Center, which marked the establishment of JAC first Brazil Spare Part Center. The director of Barueri Spare Part Center Mr. Leoni expressed that after got this license, they will make more effects to improve the level of standardized operation and enhance the spare parts satisfaction rate.
In order to encourage distributor spare parts standardized operation and improve spare parts' more supports to service, enhance customers' confidence to JAC products quality, after-service and spare part sufficiently, according to JAC spare part sales center standard, in March 2012, JAC initially selected Barueri Spare Part Center as our first spare part sales center. After repeated communication and rectification, Barueri Spare Part Center has finished all the rectified and improvement and ready to putting into operation.
The spare part center is located in Sao Paulo City, which is convenient in traffic and predominant in geographical position. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters, of which 10000 square meters is storehouse. More than 4000 units' spare parts could be sold per month which is about 45 ton. It provides a wide variety of spare parts including power assembly, vehicle body panel and spare parts and the storage area and spare parts fill rate rank No.1 in Brazil. Quickly delivery speed, clearly classification, completed spare parts variety, spacious storage space are the characteristic of JAC Brazil spare part center. And the market satisfaction could up to 98.41%, which makes great contributor for JAC building high-end brand image in Brazil.
In July 2010, Brazil SHC and China JAC signed the cooperation agreement. During subsequently half of a year, more than 30 secondary networks were been established. On March 18th 2011, J3 and J3 Turin launched into the Brazil and achieved good sales performance. J6 and J5 launched into Brazil in August 2011 and March 2012 respectively. From January to April 2012, the accumulative end-sales have reached more than 6700 units. According to Brazil market and our products characteristics, SHC has built dozens of 4S shops and secondary networks completed the function of sales, service, and spare parts.
With sales growth of JAC products in Brazil, the powerful after-service support, plentiful spare parts guarantee will play more prominent role. In each sales network, we can see the big poster of Barueri Spare Part Center which could ease customers' anxiety of the shortage of spare parts. Outstanding after service, abundant spare parts guarantee should promote the development of JAC in Brazil.
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