2012-06-08Scientific and Technical Innovation Guarantees"Quality JAC"
The perfect products' quality is the key for JAC good selling in overseas markets, which is the embodiment of JAC innovation strength. Mr. An Jin, Chairman of JAC Group, said that JAC keeps at the value orientation of "Quality JAC" in the process of R&D and manufacturing, which is considered to have significance by customers in abroad.
Integrating Global Resources to Establish World-Class Independent R&D Innovation System
JAC integrated global resources to improve independent innovation capability with the core of China﹒Hefei R&D Center, and established JAC-Italy Design Center and JAC-Japan Design Center in the form of single proprietorship in abroad. JAC also set up research cooperation teams with Hefei University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Tianjin University. What's more, JAC has been integrating the domestic and international automotive resources of R&D and manufacturing, focusing on building the international advanced R&D independent innovation system.
Rely on the independent R&D system, JAC has invested a total of 3.64 billion Yuan in scientific and technological activities to complete more than 1,300 technology projects in "The Eleventh Five-Year Strategy" period, which has achieved 45 projects leading domestic or fill the gaps in product technology, such as miniaturization of engines, long speed ratio gearbox, three new energy power train development of energy saving and environmental protection and so on. JAC also possesses 905 patent of invention with the core of stamping composite dies of one sheet molding.
On June 22nd, 2011, the one-time ignition of JAC 1.5 TGDI gasoline engine achieved successful in Austria AVL Company Technical Center, creating a new height of JAC engine and making a new breakthrough in Chinese homegrown high-end engine. Mr. Yan Gang, deputy general manager of JAC, introduced that this engine was based on the latest global technology platform, which has a green power of excellent performance with low fuel consumption, low emissions, and high power output.
With the synchronous development of DCT project, 1.5 TGDI high-performance gasoline engine project is a gold partner to conform small displacement and long speed ratio, which will make JAC get the best power train, become "platinum" level in JAC drive train system, and be equipped with a variety of listing models, effectively enhancing JAC brand value.
Innovating R&D Managing Mechanism, Doing the Best from Now On and Everyone
On March 24th, 2012, 2012 National Enterprise Management Innovation Conference was held in Beijing, "New Product R&D Management with The Core of Design Process Reworking" declared by JAC has won the second prize of Modernization Innovation Achievement Award, which was the only awarded enterprise in Chinese independent auto brand.
"New Product R&D Management with The Core of Design Process Reworking" is called "NAM" (abbreviation of "Now and Me") process. Its meaning is doing the best from now on and from everyone according to the processes and standards. "NAM" is a scientific management technique, embodying a process from concept to product, from desire to reality, from abstract to concrete, realizing the effective management and improving the success ratio of product development.
In the period of "The Twelfth Five-Year Strategy", JAC will consolidate its core business by striving to achieve world's top three positions for light trucks, steadily develop its strategic business by striving to achieve the top of passenger cars in Chinese homegrown brands, and actively arrange new energy vehicles by striving to enter the first camp. In the end of "The Twelfth Five-Year Strategy", JAC will achieve the overall sales revenue of over 100 billion RMB, in which the overseas sales ratio will achieve 20%, developing to be the top class brand in the world.
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