2012-06-05JAC high-level wide cap LCV marches into Morocco
Morocco is our strategic market, its agency company is being in an Important phase of importing new JAC models,establishing JAC brand,broadening sales channel and seize market share in Moroccoo.
Morocco is so near europe that the whole market is full of European cars,which makes it difficult for China brands to enter in.
Famous Dairy Products centrale laitiere of Morocco buys 75 units of LCV to transport diary products. Our agency company recommends HFC10061K and HFC1063K to it,with competitors of Isuzu,Hyundai(HD72),Mitsubishi and Hino,etc. In the end, JAC get order of 20 units,with 10 units each of HFC10061K and HFC1063K.
This is the first time that China brand automobile wins over international famous brands. It is certain that our JAC products will make a greater success and get rapid development in Morocco along with the promoting of JAC brand.
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