2012-05-31"J5 Experience show": confidence originates from quality
Rencently, J5 experience show has been helding all over China lasted for three months. As one of marketing protomtion methods in automotive industry, experience show needs drivers have consummate skills and excellent teamwork, besides,it has harsh requirements for the power、quality and safety of vehicles. JAC passenger cars set an example in domestic market using initial cars of mass production to do experience show.
In fact, it is not surprised that J5 has outstanding performance. It is said that the production and test facility are from Ogihara, KUKA and swedish ABB that are top-ranking facility provider in the world. Components are provided by famous brands like Siements and Delphi. Lots of quality experts from Japan and Germany station in the workshop for long time, advanced manufacturing engineering and harsh quality management guarantee excellent quality of J5.
What,s important is that the quality of J5 has been approved popularly from the day it launched into the market." Just because of its quality, the sales volume has been increasing with Annual sales of 2011 standing at 81741 units year-on-year growth is 25.7%,reports of success have been coming frequently.
All the success give JAC passenger cars enough confidence to start"J5 experience show". Because its quality is good enough to receive any challenge.
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