2012-05-29JAC NEW LCV MODEL( N721) makes its initial export to international market
As the most vital product of JAC light-duty truck in the future,N721 series is the hard core to accomplish the twelfth five-year-plan with its remarkable quality.
In the twelfth five-year-plan, we have some strategic goals, such as "striving for the first three status in light-Cduty truck market all over the world", "at the end of the twelfth five-year-plan, sales proportion reaches more than 20% of overall sales".To accomplish these goals, light-duty truck department get to know,analyze and implement actively. Due to its typical geographic environment and professional distributors, Columbia has been our and will always be our important market in recent years in south America to export and test new products.
Taking Columbia market as the beginning, we guide Wide cab of HFC N721 for the first time, which will lay a firm foundation to extend the international market of N721.
After communicating with distributors, they strongly agree that JAC should take N721 as the main model in the future, and have discussed and negotiated about configuration ,price and market adaptability improvement many times. Afterword, we chose the wide cab of N721 of whose wheelbase is 3308mm and with EuroIII engine as sample car, and start production in the beginning of April, passed homologation in the middle of May. This sample car will be ferried in 6th,June, and then receive kinds of tests in Columbia.
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