2012-05-24JAC High-end Light Truck Passes Commercial Vehicles'Crash Test
At the end of 2011, Chinese government has released the national standard provision of" Commercial Vehicles Occupants' Protection". In the provision, Chinese government required that from January 2012, all the commercial vehicles can only enter the market as long as it has passed the crash tests of front collision, top pressure and rear panel crash test. This crash test is called commercial vehicles' C-NCAP (Chinese New Car Assessment Program).
In April, 2012, JAC with other Chinese main light truck brands together gathered in Changchun automobile test centre, which is the first group to receive the tests since the new provision was implemented. During the test, both the narrow and wide version of JAC high-end light truck have passed all the tests once only and it is the only light truck which can pass all the crash tests in China.
Among the three tests, the most difficult one is the front crash test. It required that the dummy can go in and out of the cabin after the crash, the doors can open and the cab and chassis connection will not be damaged. In the front crash test, under the largest crash power of 44.1kj set by the provision JAC high-end light truck can achieve the standard and can still drive smoothly after the crash.
JAC high-end light truck has become the only light truck which can smoothly pass the security crash test. It has guaranteed its security from the design, materials and configuration.
The main body of the vehicle has used high intensity steel, and its front panel has used dual-tier structure design, maximately improving the security of the cabin.
At the same time, JAC high-end light truck is equipped with ABS and EBD, which can effectively improve the control of the vehicles under the extreme road condition and reduced the security risks. Front disc rear drum and dual braking circuit system has effectively improved the reliability of the brake. Front and side collision absorption has reduced the damage to the occupants to the lowest.
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