2012-05-16JAC Light-duty truck back to Turkey
Recently, a good news from Turkey, JAC light-duty truck has gotten the admiration from Turkey cooperation partner relying on its excellent quality and advanced technology and has been approved by Turkey industry department to access Turkey. Now, Turkey partner has completely carried out the marketing propaganda to welcome the launching of JAC.
In the year of 2000, JAC once exported 380 units vehicles to Turkey, and among them 280 units were light-duty trucks. It was got a number of attention and reports from domestic and overseas media.
Turkey, located at the junction of Europe and Asia, which has high requirement to the quality of imported light truck. JAC light-duty truck has gotten the license certificate from Turkey industry department which fully proved the outstanding quality of JAC and has qualified of entering into European markets.
Exploring international high-end markets is the key work of JAC in 2012. Recently, JAC is building many local service centers to perfect after-service system and establish the internationalized brand image.
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