2012-05-11Costarica Distributor Promotes JAC Brand
Recently, JAC Costarica Distributor Sun Motors began to promote JAC brand image with great exertion. Sun Motors invited local famous media "7 Estrellas" to produce a special IV program, named 'JAC Adventure,. From March 2012, it has broadcasted on television during prime time each Thursday in Costarica and surrounding countries.
"7 Estrellas" is a very famous media in Costarica which has program of entertainment, people, fashion, exploration and other interesting programs. "7 Estrellas" has done propaganda for many famous motor brands and brought good market response.
The JAC special program has a series of activities. The adventure will start from Costarica and end in Hefei JAC. It will all-side introduce JAC brand culture, products' quality, manufacturing technique, and production capacity.
From 19th to 26th April, the program team has arrived in China and began to record the last journey in China. With the help of Costarica distributor and JAC, the program successful finished and will on the television in next Thursday.
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