2012-05-11CCTV News Reports JAC New Energy Vehicle R&D Project
On 6th May 2012, CCTV News broadcasted a main report as the topic of 'Anhui: manufacturing, studying, researching join hands to promote industry enhancement'. The news used JAC Motors as the breakthrough point to introduce the important function of combining manufacturing, studying and researching in the process of JAC new engine vehicle R&D. The following are the details:
On one side, the enterprises were embittered by the difficult problems of technology. On the other hand, scientific research institutes feel powerless because their research results can't change to practical application. How to make two sides benefit and promote the industrial restructuring and upgrading? Anhui province made beneficial exploration.
The remaining battery power on the instruments board is not accurate, so that the drivers can't estimate the mileage accurately. It was a big problem for the development of JAC new energy vehicle. The engineer of JAC Mr. Qin liwei has done thousands of experiments, but the effect was not ideal.
The problem puzzled Mr. Qin Liwei, which has been broken though by the profession Mr. Chen Qiuming in Hefei University of Industry. In a exchanging conference, Mr. Qin Liwei made acquaintance with Mr. Chen Qiuming, and two sides have cooperation immediately.
Now, 1000 units JAC new energy vehicle applied this technology have been launched into the market, and warmly welcomed by customers.
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