2012-04-28JAC Heavy-duty trucks export to Azerbaijan
On 26th April, the ceremony of JAC road cleaning vehicle to Azerbaijan aided by Chinese government was held in the JAC Logistics Corporation square. The Azerbaijan ambassador in China Mr. Latif Gandlov, consul Mr. Ismayilov Sarkhan. Chinese Commerce Department Exchanges Centre Mr. Xiao Fenghuai, the general manager of JAC International Mr. She Cairong, the board chairman of Tianjin Machinery Import and Export Corporation, the general manager Mr. Chen Yongquan of Tianjin Rongda Freight& Forwarding International Corporation, and the general manager Mr. Liu Yu of Hubei Xin Zhonglv Special Vehicle Corporation and other leaders have taken part in this ceremony.
In 2010, JAC successfully applied the qualification of offering materials to overseas, which was a very important step of JAC to international markets. From 2010 until now, depending on excellent quality and performance, JAC vehicles have been exported to Afghan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba and other countries as materials in aid of a foreign country. Those foreign aid projects made JAC won high reputation in international markets.
JAC aids Azerbaijan project has started from 2011. Through one year's unremitting efforts, JAC finished 130 units' road cleaning vehicles manufacture and remodel. Now this batch heavy-duty truck is gotten ready to drive to Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan ambassador in China Mr. Latif Gandlov expressed sincere gratitude to Chinese centre government and JAC Motors. Mr. She Cairong handed the golden key which symbolizes of opening the door to the success to Mr. Li Shaoren. And then, the ambassador test drove the road cleaning vehicle by himself to has a experience.
After the Vehicle Departure Ceremony, the road cleaning vehicles leaved the square one by one.
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