2012-04-24Six Products Unveiled Ready
As an independent brand focusing on quality pursuit, JAC Motors has won favorable popularity of the market and consumers by virtue of its high quality. In the Beijing Auto Show, JAC Motors has shown great research and manufacturing capacity, with the six product platforms indicating the idea of quality priority.
In JAC's exhibition stand, M1, the first MPV brand of China, falls to be the center of the public attention. As it happens to be the tenth anniversary of M1, JAC Motors launches a ten-year thank-giving programme, to collect honorable Refine owners. The first few owners will make their appearance on Beijing Auto Show, to embody the spirit of enterprise, innovation and endeavor of the 500,000 Refine owners. With the confidence of a large number of consumers, M1 also wins the popularity of governmental authorities and public institutions. In the 2012 List of Cars for Party and Governmental Business Use (Exposure Draft) issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, M1, with 16 models, takes the lead among MPV, taking up a share of 25%. Furthermore, with 300 sets of M2 ready for exporting to Brazil, M2 is expanding overseas market to become the first bulk-exported independent MPV brand.
In order to comply with market demand and further enrich the product system of MPV, new M2 mounted with 1.9CTI power is launched in the Beijing Auto Show. Such new M2 is highly oil-efficient, upgraded in technology, drive, emission and configuration, providing a big inner space, a streamlined appearance, user-friendly steering, driving comfort, and bringing new experience to users.
In SUV market, JAC Motors releases S1 urban casual series, steering the urban off-road style. Compared with the old models, the new S1 urban casual series has a quite different interior design, mainly including adjustments in instrument panel, steering wheel, door material, color and outline, as well as improvements in fully automatic constant temperature air-conditioner, embedded CD, DVD and dual-mode sunroof. The new series adopts a new drive system, i.e., 1.9CTI engine which has a displacement of 1.947L, a rated power of 96.5KW, the maximum torque of 190Nm to guarantee strong output. In the design of S1 urban casual series, balance of performance and actual demands of the driver are also taken into consideration, with Quadra Drive provided to obtain the optimized balance between power and economy. Two-drive system and four-drive system can be switched freely to gear all-weather road conditions, bringing magnificent driving experience.
With European style appearance, 2790mm extra long wheelbase, combination of power efficiency and economy, safe and comfortable front and rear multi-connecting rod suspension systems, and suitable chassis height for middle and high class vehicle, new 2012 J7 car fully interprets the value of domestic luxurious middle-class cars.
Reputed as the "five-star household passenger car" for its high quality and high performance, J5 becomes another shining star on the JAC booth. J5, as the A+ model representing JAC passenger cars, has already received a five-star rating in the safety evaluation of crash test for the C-NCAP fourth batch of car models by virtue of its impeccable quality and above-average safety configurations, and has been awarded the honor of "CCTV Car of the Year 2011" by virtue of its outstanding quality, comprehensive after-sales service and good market reputation, making it an ideal cost-effective example of Chinese national cars. The J5 Flying Show themed as "Driving fun that belongs to me•experiencing the superb quality" has already completed its first season when the Beijing Auto Show 2012 starts, while the events hold previously in Wanzhou, Luzhou and Dongguan have successfully concluded, receiving vigorous affirmation from the media and customers, in the meanwhile, and positive image of J5 with its high-quality associations has also become even more rooted in customers' mind. The 2012 series of J5 debuting on the Beijing Auto Show 2012 have been further upgraded based on our carefully-conducted market research, which is indeed a comprehensive one in terms of both single indicators and overall performance than the models of the previous generation.
J3 Turin, the Year Model, the latest masterpiece of the JAC Motors Club also makes its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2012. The new model carries more practical features, and is more beautiful and environment-friendly compared to the original model, moreover, length of the vehicle has been increase to 4190mm,which gives the car stylish and dynamic look, and the its emission also meets the GB Phrase V standard. Another three new techniques are also applied to this new model, which are respectively anti-theft engine design providing more safety to customers, instant gas consumption readings keeping customers always updated with consumption rate of the vehicle and MP5+GPS applications highly enriching the entertainment functions within the vehicle while conveniently directing the driver to the preset destination. J3 Turin, which is reputed as "the J.D. Powered Car of Charm", is not only selected as one of the SHC models by the world top 10 vehicle dealers, but also recognized by the media in Brazil as one of the best-performance vehicles. It creates a sales miracle in Brazil, and set an unprecedented record of China's auto exports (up to 10,000 cars of the J3 Turin model were exported within one quarter). Recently, this car model has successfully completed the 60,000 km endurance test conducted by the authoritative Brazil magazine QUATRO RODAS within 11 months, the shortest length of time, thus making it one of best performance car models in such a test. The J3 Turin and its quality were once again assessed and recognized by the authoritative media, and J3 Turin thus becomes the first car model making its appearance on the front cover of QUATRO RODAS in a disassembled legend, following what Volkswagen GOL did 20 years ago.
It is recently announced that the focus of sales strategy for J2, a "cute small car" much favored by a lot of young people, is to be shifted to sales network. This has led to the launch of the first official Taobao store, which unveiled the curtain of JAC passenger cars to be sold directly to customer from internet, and the first group of internet car buyers has already received their cars. The Year Model of J2 mounted with AMT gearbox, an upgrade from the original version, makes its shining debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2012, adding another version for customers to choose from.
JAC Motors sold 215,304 cars in 2011, which made it one of the top players among all the domestic car manufacturers. Sale have steadily grown in the first quarter of 2012, and this has largely enhanced the confidence of JAC Motors to successfully complete the 2012 sales target. Dai Maofang, General Manager of JAC Motors, indicated that the overall economy of China is now vigorously rebounding back, in the meantime, automotive market in the second and third tire cities is rapidly growing up, therefore, steady growth of automotive market is guaranteed by such strong driving force. On the other hand, JAC Motors has already established a comprehensive system of R&D, manufacturing and sales, as a result, a number of new modes are soon to be introduced to the market, new designs and versions based on the current models will also be introduced to the market in accordance to the market demand, which all serve to provide the strongest guarantee for achieving the 2012 sales and manufacturing objectives of JAC motors.
"Seize the rare opportunity, shoulder the big responsibility and achieve the fast development". In this era when the China automotive market has already witnessed China created the record of achieving the world highest car sales, and domestic car manufacturers have grown prosperously, JAC motors will earnestly shoulder its responsibility, employing the operation strategy of "integrating resources from all over the world and manufacturing cars for the world", sticking to self innovation based on "self development playing an essential role while integrating strengths from the outside, thus creating an ideal individualize image and achieving overall excellence", adhering to the principle of manufacturing "classic, simple and high-quality" cars, insisting on utilizing high-tech equipment and high-performance designs to manufacture high-quality cars and comprehensively demonstrating the latest research achievements made by a domestic car manufacturer while developing from low-cost to high-quality manufacturing, so as to create a new image of domestically-produced cars being highly maneuverable, durable and cost-effective!
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