2012-04-24JAC Motors Launching a Power Brand by Technology Innovation

For years, adhering to the mission of “innovation and development of independent brand and revitalization of national auto industry to forge a world-class company”, JAC Motors has dedicated to learning and system innovation, pursued advances in technology, adjusted product structure in a proper and firmly way and effectively integrated domestic and international automotive R & D and manufacturing resources to develop the strong R & D capacities. On this show, JAC Motors launched its power brand Greenjet, which has a power platform supported by TGDI and DCT and uses such core technologies as turbo-supercharging, direct injection and double clutch transmission, indicating the development direction of future power.

In order to respond to China’s energy-saving, environmental protection and safety policies and regulations and enhance its core competitiveness while matching JAC Motors automatic transmission, JAC Motors created the fantastic power combination: 1.5L TGDI high-performance gasoline engine + DTF630 double clutch transmission, both of which were displayed on this auto show. 1.5L TGDI high-performance gasoline engine is a high-performance “green power” using state-of-the-art technology platform with low fuel consumption, low emission and high power output. Compared with commercially available 2.4L gasoline engine, this engine has a power up to 120kW, and its power per liter exceeds 80kW, far beyond the industry average. The torque is as high as 251N.m, in line with that of the engines with 2.6L displacement, and the torque per liter reaches 167N.m, far more than the average of regular gasoline engines on today’s market. Compared with regular engines, its idle fuel consumption can be reduced up to 30% or more, meaning the vehicles equipped with such engine can save 20% of fuel, much lower than China’s limit for standard oil consumption in the third stage, even as low as diesel engine. This model is also environmental friendly and qualified for EU V emission standard, thus possible to meet EU VI emission standard.

The DTF630, latest six-speed double clutch transmission independently developed by JAC Motors, made its debut on the auto show. JAC Motors cooperated with Hofer, a German renowned design company and established a joint development team to perform the structural design of DCT assembly system, development of parts, prototyping and testing, vehicle matching and calibration and industrialization. The 6-speed DCT transmission developed has 6+R gears, electric control & hydraulic actuating, front-engine and front-wheel drive/4-wheel drive and wet double clutch automatic transmission which enjoys completely independent intellectual property rights. This model will be integrated in JAC B/C/SRV and other high-end cars.

In addition, JAC’s another high spot on this auto show was its 1.9CTI diesel turbo-supercharged engine using world-class VNT (variable nozzle turbine) for supercharging and the third-generation common-rail direct injection. This engine has a maximum power of 100kW/4000rpm and maximum torque of 285Nm/2200-2600rpm. It enjoys the following features: high technology - integrating VNT (variable nozzle turbine) for supercharging, controlled swirl ratio (SCV), common-rail direct injection (CRDI), electric control EGRC and other 8 advanced technologies; high performance - power per liter up to 52.4kW/L; high reliability - service life up to more than 700,000 km in compliance with European B10 Life; low noise - auto-tension chain drive system and long-skirt cylinder body, as well as SCR and electronic throttle valve, effectively reducing noise from engine vibration and transmission, and combustion noise of engines respectively; low emission - electric controlled EGR and controllable swirl ratio up to national IV standard and environmental friendly; low cost – for M2 1.9CTI, the combined consumption only 7.2L according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, coupled with low vehicle and vessel tax for displacement less than 2.0L and less congestion charges in most cities. Both new M2 and S1 (urban casual series) on this show are equipped with this model of high-performance diesel engine.

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