2012-04-23JAC International Distributor Annual Conference 2012
21st April, 2012, JAC International Distributor Annual Conference was held in JAC R&D centre. The leaders from officials of embassies, Anhui province government relative departments, JAC board chairman Mr. An Jin, JAC International general manager Mr. She Cairong and over 360 distributors from 76 countries have taken part in this conference together. The theme of this conference is 'Quality JAC, Wonderful Future' that completely displayed the great achievements of JAC in 2011, especially the breakthrough leap in terms of sales volume and brand image in the international market.
The board chairman Mr. An Jin delivered the subject speech of the conference. In 2011, the international economic situation was more complicated and as an important driving force to the global auto industry, Chinese auto market registered a record of 18.4 billion in both production and sale, and remained the largest in the world. In 2011, JAC' s production and sales both broke through 500,000 units, and the growth was higher than the industry average. In Chinese market, the sales of light truck continued to rank second in the industry while the growth rate of the sales of medium and heavy-duty trucks exceeded the industry average by 27%. The sales of bus chassis remained the first and the sales of passenger car increased by over 25%. The new generation of JAC high-end light duty truck, M2 and V1(JAC Van) were successfully launched to the market.
In the international business, the shipped exports exceeded 66,000 vehicles in 2011, up 200% on year-on-year basis, which made great headway in its business scale. The industry rank jumped to NO.4 from No.10. Among them, we maintained the top brand of light truck export in China, and meanwhile quickly rose to No. 2 in passenger car export. The growth of heavy and medium truck markets was ahead of the industry.
The board chairman Mr. An expressed that JAC is at the critical moment for strategic transformation. Confronting with many challenges in the international market, we should consolidate the leadership of commercial vehicle and speed up the development of passenger vehicle. The successful of Brazil market proved that JAC products are qualified the international competitiveness as well. In the future development, we should continuous push the localized brand establishment, localized operation and localized service, realizing the leaping development from 'Made in China' to 'Chinese brand'.
In the conference, JAC awarded the individual and excellent distributors who made great contribution in KD establishment, service, sales, new products promotion, marketing exploration, net work establishment, brand promotion and overseas factory establishment in 2011. This year, we added the Top 10 distributor appraisal and the dealers from Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Algeria, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Bengal won this award. Besides, the Brazil SHC company received the special contribution award for its great efforts in 2011. This year, JAC was evaluated as 'The Star of Import Brand' and appeared on the front page of 'Washington Post', which caused great influence in the global auto industry.
2012 is the tenth year of cooperation between Algeria distributor and JAC. Therefore, we held a series of commemorative activities in the theme of 'Quality JAC, Go ahead with you'. The board chairman Mr. An Jin awarded the friendship souvenir for the team of Algeria distributor to thanks for their outstanding contributions.
In order to accelerate JAC new products and markets promotion and development, new products recommendation and stunt performance, international markets experience share were especially preparation fro distributors.
From the very beginning's dozens of exports' vehicles to hundreds and thousands exports' vehicles each year, depending on excellent quality, JAC Motors will win the wonderful future.
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