2012-04-16S-11: First Sports Car of JAC to Appear in Beijing Auto Show

As the Beijing Auto Show is drawing near, there is much more disclosure of JAC new cars, including S-11 sports car. No more information about this car, however, is released by JAC so far. It is known that S-11 will make its debut in the Beijing Auto Show.

It is an independently developed and designed 2-door 4-seated sports car, which has a dynamic and harmonious shape, and really is a perfect integration of sports character, balance and stability.

S-11 adopts a layout of rear engine / rear drive, which can prevent skidding at the start and the loss of stability and control, and consequently enhance the driving experience. It adopts MacPherson-type independent front suspension and four-link-type independent rear suspension, allowing the driver to have a pleasant experience when driving along a curve.

Headlamps are red and white, which are well integrated into the yellow body and complementary to the rearview mirror thanks to their rhombus shape, making the car appear more dynamic and passionate. The rear tilts a little upward, creating edges and a sense of force.

The picture of the real car shows that S-11 is streamlined, eye-catching, dynamic and harmoniously balanced, and it is a perfect combination of sports character and fashionable beauty. I am deeply convinced that this JAC sports car will be undoubtedly one of highlights on the Beijing Auto Show to come soon.

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