2012-04-16JAC SII with DCT to Appear in Beijing Auto Show

Recently, on the Internet circulated were a set of pictures of early JAC SII. And then JAC officially released the pictures of the finalized model and JAC's new SUV - SII will appear on the Beijing Auto Show.

SII is intended as a high-end SUV model by JAC. It is characterized by majestic appearance, fashionable and exquisite interior trimming, and ample space. In addition, it is fitted out with side air canopy and air bag, engine anti-theft system, ESP, engine Stop/Start system, PKE and rainfall sensor. As a new SUV model promoted by JAC, SII is equipped with GDI+DCT powertrain, which makes this model rather attractive to urban users.

Recent years witnessed the increase in user's concern for the car's safety performance. Following this tendency, JAC SII is equipped with side air canopies and air bags, which enhance the car's performance in side crashes to a satisfactory extent. In addition, SII is fitted out with (ESP), which can automatically detect and analyze the car's condition and correct the errors in driving, and accordingly enhance the driving safety and stability. Such technologies, which are usually used for high-end cars, guarantees that SII is a safe, fashionable and environment-friendly SUV.

As for the fuel saving, SII is mounted with the Stop/Start system, in addition to its effort to save fuel by optimizing the engine. This system can enhance the economy of fuel consumption by great margin, and reduce the emission of exhaust gas. Especially for cars used in cities, this system can lower the average fuel consumption by 5%, a substantial reduction of fuel consumption.

As for the intelligent technology, SII is installed with the engine ant-theft system, which can effective enhance the anti-theft performance and ensure the safety of the car by means of digital encryption. In addition, PKE is applied to this car, allowing the car owner to automatically unlock the door and defuse the anti-theft system with a range of about one meter away from the car, and the door to be locked and the anti-theft system to be activated when the owner leaves his car. SII adopts the intelligent technology not only to enhance the ease of driving but also to symbolize the higher identity of SUV.

It is known that, in addition to such advanced smart technologies, SII's majestic appearance is what the masses anticipate. As for other excellent performance SII has, let us wait and unveil it until the Beijing Auto Show.

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