2012-04-09JAC debuts its new products in Morocco

As the strategic market of JAC in North Africa, Morocco introduced 4 new types of light-duty trucks and 2 new types of heavy-duty trucks in 2011. JAC has successfully marched into the market with its outstanding quality and complete product line, setting up a new image of China's automobile brand.

On March 29,JAC's new product release meeting was held as scheduled in Casablanca. Mr.Abdelali, the general manager of JAC's distributors, first made an introduction of JAC Motor, SDAMA Group and the market in Morocco and a detailed account of JAC's annual sales volume,export volume,history and the various awards it has won, which helped the reporters have an in-depth understanding of the background of JAC.

During the questioning time, the reporters asked many questions that are of concern to consumers. The clients and our spokesman answered these questions carefully. The questions that are of interest to the guests are focused on the after-sale service,full quality guarantee, authentication and the reliability of China's brand names. The after-sale service, Abdelali said, being the pillar of the sales, is currently in preparation to ensure the sufficient stock of replacement;In quality guarantee, two-year guarantee is promised according to Morocco's practice for common brands;the quality and specifications will definitely conform to the requirements of Morocco's market regulations. At the same time, he also thinks that the automobile industry is continuing to globalize; China's automobile brands are reviving slowly; waves of Japanese and Korean automobiles have already gone with the wind; it is time now for Chinese automobile brands to show their splendor. He is very hopeful about JAC's products and their future. This press conference is a preparation for the launching of the new products and plays a vital role in popularing and building JAC brand.

Morocco is Located in the south of the Mediterranean Sea and very close to some of the European countries therefore its requirements for automobiles like the quality and after-sale service, etc. are quite similar to those of Europe. In order to occupy a share in Morocco's market which is full of occidental and Japanese brands, JAC's distributors did a lot of warming-up work before the release of their new products. On February 22, 2012, they invited four prestigious news media of Morocco to visit JAC and its light and heavy trucks and passenger cars, and held an interview with Mr. She Cairong, the general manager of the international corporation.

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